This happens, my friend. I know someone that his woman friend asked this of him. I told him if he is up for 18yrs of child support he should go ahead. He thought hard about it and declined.

Darwin is watching you…

No marriage,

I think I would decline this too

Viral load ikiwa undetectable + PrEP uko poa. The only problem itakuwa child support, are you willing to support the lady akipata mtoto? Rememberour courts don’t recognize pre-conception agreements and the moral aspect of parental responsibility

Just know that if she gives birth, and the child is positively yours, she can put your name on the birth certificate and go to court to demand quite hefty sums out of your coffers. Now you will have knowingly become a co-parent with a sick woman.

You’ve said what the doc commented about the viral load

Sawa msee…

If that can be the case then hapo siko!


No sir. Huyu ni mwingine tofauti


Well, I get u



How now?

Does the guy (or is it do you) want a mtoi? If not, stay away. Child support will follow him (you) for life.

Wewe ndio ilikua unakunywa Guinness HOMABAY?nyambita amechanganya wewe akili

Haha human beings continue to amaze me every day.

Thank me later

How do you safely hold an angry Black Mamba … ??


Let’s just say it is not something that I would attempt , even in a moment of Madness … :smiley: