horror stories I have heard about Mt Elgon operation survivors. pokot beware

The Sabaot Land Defence Force (SLDF) was a guerrilla militia operating in the Mount Elgon District of Kenya since 2005.
A large scale military assault in March 2008 resulted in allegations of serious human rights abuses by the Kenya Army, including murder, torture, rape, and arbitrary detention

A man who was victim of this told me KDF surrounded the entire area and closed it off. Any media person nearby was warned to not be seen again there. All villagers were lined face lying down on the main road, so you can imagine the line, and ordered to surrender guns. Every minute that passed that a gun was not produced or someone with info, they were shot at the back of the head. Then the raping began. They didn’t discriminate man or woman. Many male survivors will tell you they were raped.

And that is how 20 Para lost its alpha status in the Army

Now, soldiers are programmed idiots. Soldiers are human beings who have been programmed to believe in a way that the 1% would want them to do. I don’t blame soldiers, but I blame the torture program that all soldiers undergo while they are being trained to believe in the commands of one master and think in one direction which is war, destruction, and lots of negative vibrations.

Did it work? Mnataka kushinda mkiimbiwo wimbo moja miaka na mikaka

Certainly it did… and if they deploy the same force, Pokot fellows will tell their story on day… and it seems like it will be nasty.

Bring it on

We will support our fellow Brothers against Kenya.

Uongo mingi tu.

Uongo mgani?

Strategy hukuwa ile ile. Jenga kambi huko Pokot. Arrest ALL fighting age men between 15 and 70 and frog-jump them to the military camp for “screening”. Use advanced maneche-pipinyaring techniques to extract information. If the information provided fails to check out in the field, the informer gets two in the back of his head.

Just so you know, rape is a tool of war. It is used to break the spirit of your opponent. Niko sure Putin’s guys are raping Ukrainian women sana the same way D- raped @Bingwa Scrotum 's skinny sisters pale operation linda nchi. Obviously, they can’t admit to rape officially but it is a necessary evil in war.

double-tragedy-report-on-medico-legal-documentation-of-torture-and-related-violations-in-mount-elgon – IMLU

Kina @Bingwa Scrotum pale shifta wars

Those Pokot thugs wafinyweeeeee. Wameangaisha sana Marakwets, Tugens and Kikuyus.

As for sabaots, they have a tale to tell. Nitaleta hekaya hapa soon on what went down in Mt. Elgon. (Second hand info though).

You mean ulipasuliwa eggs na KDF

When you force the government to unleash the military on you, don’t weep ati human rights. Umeshinda chief na AP, umeshinda regular blue boys, umeshinda GSU, what do you expect. The military is the last element of force that the government has, if you defeat the you become the president, that’s a coup.
Can you now recount what Matakowei did to his victims?

how do you arrest nomads?
utafika kaptanaparkokwar na land cruiser usikie war cry, watu watokelezee kwa miti na M14

Diplomacy must have been tried numerous times and failed

The formation of a terrorist group is that it is not defined. As Israel did and defended itself at UN when you habour a combatant you stop being an innocent civilian (Israel bombed a mosque from where an RPG was launched, Kibaki sent GSU to a mosque in Mombasa where arms were stored). Matakowei was living among the Sabaot yet they didn’t give intel to DCI

Helicopters will mark them out very well


Yes. A DO who worked in that area organized countless amnesties with wazee, the guys handed over old guns that couldn’t fire. A huge ceremony would be held where the guns were buried and peace monuments erected on the grave then the next day the devils roamed again