Honda Stream vs Toyota Wish vs Volxwagen Touran

Wakubwa, mtu alinipea Kazi nimtafutie 7 seater mzuri hatchback to be imported. I have thought of Toyota Wish, Honda Stream and VW Touran.
So after a little research, found that Touran is the cheapest followed by stream and then Wish being the most expensive. I have zero experience with these cars because I have never driven or given a ride in one. After calling some friends wako na Honda stream, they said it is pretty good car and would recommend it, but that is neither here nor there because mtu husifu gari ako nayo. I couldn’t get anyone to recommend wish and Touran.
I am thinking of recommending VW Touran because it is a European car, and cheapest amongst the three. What are your thoughts

Kijana check your figures. I doubt a VW is cheaper than a Toyota and Honda.

Touran 2013 - 1.02M
Stream 2013 - 1.1M
Wish 2013 - 1.3M

Nilipata hizo quotes from SBT Japan.

Pia research pale jiji Kenya, nilipata Touran ndio cheapest

imports by kairo ako na 7 seater toyota previa mzuri ya 1.3m ongea na yeye kabla aiuze.

jina yake ni tafash kwa trust

chukua Honda Stream served me well

Honda stream is the better choice by every measure. Reliability is same as wish, cheap to buy, run and maintain and a beautiful interior. Ground clearance is about the same as Wish.

Honda Stream is the Best car here

Never driven the honda stream but kuna siku was going to taveta before corona and lockdowns, kuna a driver with Honda stream alinionyesha dust and i was driving a 3litre turbo charged beast.

you are just a poosy… dont hype a stream

Atleast i don’t fuck goats!!!

Take the Honda Stream although it was discontinued in 2014

Honda stream is the best although it was discontinued. Avoid high mileage VWs…it’s like walking on a minefield. If you get one try to get the one with the least mileage you can

What the modus operandi of the owner ,ni mtu proactive or reactivate ,if it’s the former buy a VW if it’s the latter let him buy the wish

Vile Elders kadhaa wamesema go with the Honda Stream. Honda is a very reliable car compared to Toyota models and mechs can repair it easily. Spares are moderately priced too. Spares last longer and less prone to thieves. Wish is good but typical of Toyota cars utasimamishwa na karao kila corner wakidhani ni psv. Anything vw ni shida to local mechanics. Kwanza the electrical/wiring bit …

I’ve bought and sold all the above. Touran provided the most tears. No allocation for sparewheel and gearbox problems which are inevitable especially with the 1600cc engine. Of all this was the safest and most spacious,airbags kibao and serious comfort . Gearbox nilinunua 110k then.Parts not cheap. Gari iko low na kununua sio rahisi. Stream nayo ni survivor pia… good engine. Little leg space kwanza watu wa seat 6/7 hukipata, unakunja mguu kama transformer utoshee,low car as well,faily easy to lift or modify,parts are expensive but last a lifetime. Wish 1800cc vvti…parts available, ample leg space,easy to modify,easy to resale, parts available and affordable everywhere, can be fixed by any mechanic.modifications for extra clearance very easy. Choice is yours

Anyone here with experience in how Toyota Isis compares to the Wish and Stream?

Bado Wish natandika hao wote na space, parts na resale.sijui mbona ISIS ages badly,kama Mark X

Prado ya diesel hawesani na Stream, and there’s nothing beastly about a Prado - hata RAV 4 quail atakusare mbaya.

Am already laughing…