HOFTY Awards..

And the Hekaya of the Year Award goes to…

@Adeudeu then @dark massai

pseudonym and her husband Meria Mata aka truck driver

huyu labda erotica thread of the year.
hekaya IMHO labda @Meria Mata juu ya ile ya MWK kupatana na first lady kwa hospitali.
pia @Adeudeu and @dark massai and @Uncle Best have had some good ones.
yule wa mizani ya mkeka @Vin Diesel98 honourable mention

@mr slices ?
@Captain284 ?

IMHO labda @Meria Mata juu ya ile ya MWK kupatana na first lady kwa hospitali.

Rink na sio tafadhali

Links… Sir!

still here chini ya waba

ni five parts. jitafutieni hizo zingine
but meria is the king of hekaya. kuna hizi pia
nilicheka nikaanguka

@Meria Mata ,

@Ice_Cube leta links

Weka pole kwa hii thread of at least 5 we can choose from afadhali. Alafu Ongeza as we go

Personally, I would find it very hard to name less than 5. They write differently. And man it is a skill. BTW you won’t find most top hekayarists kwa politics forum. A big up to all of them since they provide us with stuff to read for free.

Let me just add, the TOP hekayarists. The ones whose handle you see and you know you are in for a treat and need to get cosy before you start reading. I see tujungus going to school to learn how to write a book? nacheka sana. You are either born with it or not. A case of kama haiko haiko. I think of JK Rowlings(Harry Potter). A broke single mum on welfare sitting at starbucks? and writing the 1st book…

fresh erotic hekayas which are 98% true

Kuna Ile hekaya ya mumeru na mguu kuni vs. NTSA. Hiyo ilikuwa noma pia. Very well written. Nasikia pseudonym Ali inbox huyo kijana right after

Niaje one of VIP member?

how can you forget @Kasighau (master story teller)

forrowing for @Mosa

Oh please… I am just your Kawaida cougar on the prowl. :wink:

I hope you had a fab Christmas though.

From the number of semi-erections she has given me, it is @pseudonym for EHOTY (Erotic Hekayarist Of The Year).
I would also like to give an honourable mention to Mrs Reach Husband for most, and longest, pointless hekayas of the millennium.