HOFTY Awards..

Sorry Meria should not miss on that podium. A crisis within a crisis.


Si NtSA blasa, ni fikafu ya Mkeka

King of hekayas ni @Meria Mata bana, undisputed. @Adeudeu comes in second, jamaa na hekaya ya kunyamba kwa train was really crafted.

He he he, ile ya TV kati kati ya town, with a hard on of the year kwa kichasa kills it.

Haha that one too. Wakiteswa na mukombero. Pia ana nyengine ya goat eating, it had me laughing kwa jam kama mujinga

Started out powerfully but petered out to a pitiful dribble… Hope he takes this as a challenge

@Meria Mata , @Adeudeu, na @Captain284 made my year.

Hiyo ya goat eating…I have called our @Adeudeu …TIRED. One of the hekayas that attracted me to join the forum. Come hia you silly Adeu and tell me and others what happened on that day…and my @Diablo…urenda tuthenje for you? Good I don’t want to get engaged in this debate coz @Baba Toto is also hugely talented…let me dwell on those that caught my fancy back in the day. Weee weee. Ade…pls

Woooi when he went kamweretho . I was following and was so gutted. Shindwe wewe@Adeudeu. It was like I had showered and fuatad him. I will never forget that Hekaya. Never.

That goat eating one will kill me forever.

It’s only be proper to have a seperate category for erotica. The winner of that award was nominated and confirmed many moons ago. Aende na hicho kikombe home akanywe nacho uji.

The hekaya of the year to me was the guest of the state series. I lost ribs amidst fits of laughter whilst reading season 2 episode 5 over and over and over!