Hizo Massage watu wanarapeiwa- I want

Hizo massage watu wanaenda wanarapeiwa ziko wapi ata mimi niende nirapeiwe…and before the loud mouths and the wierd hongos start salivating eg Njamba and Atwoli… I want to be raped by the women masseuses not men!! and shame on you for entertaining those thoughts…kama si hivo basi niambiliwe ka massage kapoa ka shilingi chache penye nitakandwa na ni fanywe all below a 2Geez.:cool:

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I can direct you to one for 3K, so long as you bring back some info i want as well

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you think its funny your anus being ripped apart against your will!!!sick bastard

Im game…whats the info?

nakukosea maneno.:rolleyes: n BTW it is literally funny…

Clarion Spa and Massage
Diamond Plaza Annexe, Parklands
Nairobi, Kenya
0722 638219

That’s the place, I just need you to spot a chic for me there

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You chic utambeba na black mamba weekend?



Anafaa kuwa na yake

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how will you describe her bearing in mind the heavy make up and changing hairstyles. They also don’t use their real names

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her facebook photo

I fail to understand why you’d pay for sex or if I may, EXTRAS…For the thrill, cost effectiveness, timeliness and oh I deserve it after a long day at work! LIES YOU TELL! Play your cards right and you’ll discover how easy it is to find a lay or get laid! But if you suck in bed, I bet this is the only option to stroke your Ego!

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Where do you want those whores to go if people don’t pay them? Spare us your vanity. Every man pays for it in one way or the other.

Its very easy to get laid for me FYI but sometimes the playing of cards just wares someone out… I can get a lady to bed within the first 5 hours of meeting when sober and in an hours time when in a club setting…but sometimes even being smooth inachosha. sometimes, i just want to relax, get pampered and screwed the shit out of me without lying, being canaiving, promising, pretending or acting whatever my potential lay expects me to be…Even those FWB arrangements etc zachosha saa zingine sio ati haziko… You kwanza, it would take me four hours before you spread your legs for me .(you-the im so in control of my shit type haaa lol)… Maybe anna day but today its not worth the husstle, i just wanna be massaged and sucked and f**kd… I also want the thrill of new P and what game theyd bring to the table just to please me… unlike kawa lays who think they are doing you a favour whilst its vice varsa

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Yeah…This too @Female Perspective … Every man pays one way or another. Every woman is a whore ata wale wa nyumbani. Its paid dearly for…

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Then clearly am not a whore cause all I need from a man is a VERY good D***

whos the chic…il give you whatever info you want including how deep…

Unless you are a veined tree holder…otherwise…http://weheartit.com/entry/group/2540463

Am just a nice woman, unfortunately the world’s sexual morality is so rotten to even recognize we exist!

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