Hizo Massage watu wanarapeiwa- I want

Prostitution has always been there. It comes in many forms.

Kukimbizana na pussy ni very exhausting and costly. Kwanza hiyo kucheza ma-cardi especially with the young ones is draining. Truth be told, direct buying it is an alltime cheap. If you are the type that has fragile ego, then you need to slave for that pussy you run after all day. A man with his stuff together will buy it casusally and still hit any other that comes his way.

Hii yako sio pepopunda ni kisonono ya punda.Na huyu female perspective, umalaya peleka hukoooooo, Karumaindo.There you’ll get to sample all kinds of dicks, small, thin, big, fat…any size you crave and still get paid for it.

yea, wewe wahitaji kut*mbwa mzury utulie…continue sampling you will keep off this kinds of topics…hata malaya akisha tombwa mzury kesho yake haendangi job

Right back atcha!!

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