HIV/AIDS = Scam!

TLDW: Bonobos more susceptible to AIDS due to ‘disequlibriated nutrition’ and ‘oxidative stress’ otherwise immune system can naturally get rid of HIV!

@Purple kuja kidogo

It’s simple to verify his claims… Send him a hundred positive patients and see how many he cures with nutrition

There is hope after all for @uwesmake

Let’s start by defining what a good immune system is

This us HIV/AIDS denialism which has been conclusively debunked. We cannot be having this conversation in this day and age. The scientific proof written in human blood and countless lives is conclusive. Ignore it at your own peril. Link below.

HIV/AIDS denialism - Wikipedia

It’s a scam until you test positive! Then you realize the preacher above is negative

Google “CCR5” to educate yourself.

Isn’t it the guy who discovered the virus. Think he is worth listening to. I also have my misgivings about the whole thing

Well. Scientific claims are backed by research, and peer-reviewed and accepted journal articles. NOT A MERE YT CLIP

Lol. Merge hii upus na zile za ule Fala Kicharo

I came a across a hiv patient juzi kwa chemist waaaaah.

if you believe that, ingia pale SJ, find a hooker willing to give it to you raw, alafu angusha hekaya in 6 months…

It is good to gain knowledge if it will help those positive to live better lives… All other factors constant…

He will wash off the HIV in the shower like Jacob Zuma.

Unahitaji maombi. Whereas the HIV/AIDS is a real fire, you appear to be debating as to whether its a match stick or lighter that started it. You need much more than prayers. Fact. HIV prevalence amongst prostitutes in Nairobi is above 30%. Think about that when skin diving.

Link to the HIV stats

New survey identifies HIV hotspots in Nairobi - The Standard Health

Not just in downtown brothels. There are a lot of prostitutes around Nairobi. Ukimwi is real man.

@Kicharo finally succumbed?

No. I was taking white cap. I took quite a good number of them on 26th. [Naeza kubaiya guarana kama utani-promise kunipa kav kav…]