HIV/AIDS = Scam!

Even assuming that hiv is the cause of aids, wWhat are the chances of getting hiv from insertive vaginal-penile seks? 0.01-0.38%! []. When you are told that the probability of something is 0.01%, you are basically being told that it is non-existent! you would need to fvck 1,000 hiv positive people to get it. zaeni mjaze dunia.

Saa nyingine unashidwa na wa2. if they can’t listen to luc montagnier on hiv/aids, who else will they listen to? like the poor chinese fella who reported covid, montagnier reported a simple trend he was seeing among certain patients, only for it to be taken advantage of by the globalists…

at this rate we might hear eating food is a scam ,sleeping is a scam etc

With STDS, the percentage risk of infection increases to about 20%. With morons like you who keep going team ndethe, STI utaokota kwa kibao and infection will follow.

Also keep in mind there are close to 2 million Kenyans living with HIV/AIDS. At this rate, you will soon join them as a statistic.

At a glance: HIV in Kenya | Be in the KNOW .