"hey miss!?! "you smell nice"!

So I am in a cyber cafe doing something constructive, two ladies blessed with a good shaped body with sizeable buttocks appear, sit next to me as they open their computers, it seems they just want to show each other photos of themselves on Instagram or whatever, they are able to see what I am doing, I was actually watching YouTube videos of two fools smoking bhang…they cant believe that a person of my status is watching this, I look at one of them with chocolate skin color as I smile sheepishly and tell her, “Hey miss, you smell nice, you have nice dimples, nice behind, nice thighs, you are the kind of a woman I will hung up with all the time just to make my fellow men jealous"she says ''woooow, strange though”…the other whore is yellow yellow, I know she is wondering why I did notice her yet she is the most beautiful, my plan is actually to make her bitter so that she can leave her friend, she looks directly at my eyes for like 4 seconds, she does the same to the whore I prefer for 5 seconds, she gets up, picks her bag and jacket, clicks loudly then sway her buttocks away straight to the lift never to return again. I am left with Chemutai, she looks at me then say, “Helloo, do you realize that you have created enmity between me and my boss?” I ask her if she is interested in a pizza treat, yeeeesssss, I give her my phone to punch in her contact numbers, she puts in one for Safaricom, Airtel, Orange, YU and the other for Tanzania where she had gone sometimes back to demonstrate her company’s products to potential clients. She told me she wants us to meet on Friday exactly 9:30PM… nangojea friday na mori aisee


Hauna mbicha au receipt ya cyber cafe?


You actually wake up, swing your balls to a cyber to watch YouTube videos of people smoking bang? You must be living a very boring life.


@Saintonthebeathoe, jibu haraka kabla hawajafunga cyber!!


Wacha niachie tu hapoooooooooo…


Urongo yako, how did you know he was doing nothing useful there?

haha naaah im tryna learn how flip the smoke

So what you are saying is you got the uglier one?

Watu bado wanaendanga cyber kubrowse?

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Kitu constructive kwa cyber cafe kama nini? Facebook na twirrer? unless ni constructive in quotes…

kunguru za cyber ziko na virus

i eat dark Ebony queens bruh…

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they cant believe that a person of my [SIZE=6]status[/SIZE] is watching this

:D:D:D:D:D:D… isorait!!! Status na cyber hazipelekani.




Which calendar are you using? It’s not 2005

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she puts in one for Safaricom, Airtel, Orange, YU and the other for Tanzania

Chei!!! ata kama ni kutubeba ufala ii ujinga imezidi.


Brare, were u day dreaming in a cyber my fren?

How much do cyber cafes charge nowadays ?
Is it per hour or per minute ?
How much did you pay to write this fantasy ?
Isn’t it cheaper to use your phone ?
I have so many questions.

Uongo yenyewe huwa hainishtui. Mi hushindwa tu mbona hii uongo yote.
Whats the point? Or whats the problem? Is it esteem issues? Is it an aspiration to something? Is it an alternate personality restricted to internet life?


I do not know why but :smiley:

Mod swing your one ball slowly stop disturbing us