"hey miss!?! "you smell nice"!

:eek: Who dat in your profile pic?

Enyewe wreso huwa fake. Ata hio teke ya the rock haijaguza stonecold

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Unaexpect waende huko kufanya?

Cant rem the last time I was at a cyber cafe

nlikua nmeenda kuprint my good conduct certificate and renew my license and since its my buddies cyber ndio nikaamua kuingia youtube

Hii story haiko complete mamen lakini ni sawa tu vile umechocha elders hapa kwanza iyo part ya YU :D:D:D:D

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Creative fat imaginations

And that is constructive ?

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How? Why?

You were browsing free of charge, right?..sigh

Usidharau kazi yako ya kuwa cyber attendant. A lot of people do not have jobs.

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yea free of charge

ndo ukaseme

@introvert leta mariamu

Explain with diagrams WHY she left? Does she know you? Do you ow her anything? To leave just because a friend has been greeted.?o_Oo_O:confused: I dont get it. Ama unaongea kuhusu tu premature kienyejis because i doubt you are talking about our adult slay queens who would not give a damn whether you are breathing or not leave alone getting pissed and walking out because you’ve said hi in a cyber.

#Wacha Day dreams bana


Friday imefika

hekaya loarding bruh

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I wasn’t interested but tuko Friday past 7:25.