Hellsgate National Park and Ol Karia Hot Water Spa on Saturday

This weekend our road trip takes us to Naivasha, visiting Hellsgate National park Ol Karia Hot Water Spa
6.30 Am Depart from Nairobi (Kencom area)
9.30 AM Arrive at helsgate national park
9.45 - 11.00 AM Cycling in the hellsgate National park and walking, hiking thought the gorges and more fun
12.00 AM Drive to the Hot Water Spa
1 00 - 4.00PM Lunch and Swimming

Return to Nairobi to arrive by 7.00 AM at the CBD

Price 2600 PP
Park fees
Swimming fees
guide fees
drinking water

extra activities like rock climbing (Ksh 600)
Bike hire and cycling fees (Ksh 800)
Lunch at the spa restaurant
Anything not mentioned in the includes

More events on our website https://africavacationsafaris.com/safari-deals/weekend-getaways-group-tours/

Inbox me on +254723315919 or +254731950945 for bookings

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If only you made lunch inclusive, minus drinks…

This is more like it… Great improvement

Nice… But personally one day trips are not for me. I hate to rush.

Musuri. Swali, does this include fees for the time travel machine jumping from 11pm to 12am then 7am all in the same day?

Karibu sana. I will be posting more. Keep it here

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Sijaelewa hii swali. Chat me on 0723315919

Warm up for Mashujaa Road Trip. 3 Days Overlanding road trip to samburu, buffalo springs and Mt Ololokwe. For more details chat me on whatsapl on 0723315919

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Hii ni watu metamorphosising from club life all their friends got married no company for drinking na wako na tumbesha…

Let me know how that goes.

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Samehea the businessman,he is just trying to put food on the table

Umekosea return time,it can’t be 7am