Hellsgate National Park and Ol Karia Hot Water Spa on Saturday

Me too,can we go for hiking one day,am not like they say I am.

Uko na ujinga sana

Boss, ebu picha za iyo trip ya magadi.

Keep up. Bonfire walianza tu hivi kimchezo

Ooooh typing error sir. Its PM

Thank you gor the motivation

I will share some today

Unge include lunch with a range of four or five dishes to choose from (so that guys do not blow your budget with outrageous lunch requests) then adjust the price to reflect. But still big-ups Kenyans need to tour their country

Hahaa not all of us have seen such landscapes

Logistics za lunch pqle hellsgate ukuwa ngumu sana thats why we choose to keep it open. There is a restaurant at the spa where pple can order wjat they wish to take waki swim after the walk and cycling

Share them ASAP they will motivate me to come

Swafi…tukutane hellsgate


Unapenda kusafisha mecho Sana kwa hio spa.
Change venues Sasa… Try Sirville lodge Elementaita


Sirville Lodge is a good place
I will be returning there again soon

hio pesa ilikuwa mingi kwangu buuda. and I am trying to save for Amsterdam

Hii kitu nikujipanga. Nikiweka trip unaanza kujipanga mdogo mdogo. You see bora uende it doesnt matter umelipa na installments ngapi :D:D:D

Next trip ni Lerruat… Wacha nitafte kitunguu properly

Hapo sasa. and make sure you share memories here. Let people know Kenya is beautiful and that they should explore