Have you been here?

Have you ever been to the lowest point in your life? For me, I never thought this would ever happen to me. I once worked in some big fancy organizations for 10 yrs that ended in 2018. Before maisha ilikuwa London, Sold my car downgraded to a one-bedroom and 2019 tried out business(male clothing) where I failed to get it running. Nov 2019 tried IT consultancy since that’s what I studied in college and is my profession currently no one is looking for consultants ama ni Mimi ndio sijui Kutafuta clients coz I know kuna watu bado wana clients, corona came in early Feb sema kukaukiwa. All your friends are avoiding me now since sionekani kama kuna progress on my side, even calls siku hizi ni either my family ama watu wakudai bills and am sure ata @administrator anifukuze, my clothing Instagram page that had over 5000 followers got hacked this weekend and can no longer access ata kujua what name the idiots changed it to thanks to bloody Hootsuite. I need advice on where to start coz iv tried even applying for jobs but in vain even if ni job ya 30-50k just to stabilize my sinking ship, sijapata guessing that is either overqualified or forgot the art of applying for jobs. Sijui kama am the only baga hapa who is going through this ama its a stage in life.

Sorry, bro! I know how it feels to be very low in life and all I can advise is don’t lose hope. When you lose hope, fear takes over and that will be your end. Right now the simplest way to make money is to create an ebook of anything related to Sex, Weight loss, or Making money. Create a Facebook page and start promoting it. You will be able to make at least something to feed yourself. To gain more users fast just create a page with a celeb name and use Instagram pics to gain users. Secondly, create an entertainment news blog (cost is 4K for domain+ hosting), Facebook page, and churn daily at least 10 posts. Apply for MGID and you will start earning.

I’ve been looking at all the great men I know. Most of them my dad included went through exactly what you’re going through.
Things are good then one day you’re back to basics. I’ve lived in fear or expectation that it will also happen to me .
The only consolation is that all of them are now doing way way better than they previously were. And I mean it. Some found better jobs but their side hustles are doing so great. Wengine ni self employed. Farmers, contractors and suppliers. I really envy them. But nakumbuka time walikuwa wanauza ovacado kwa probox ya kukodisha.
The worst case was an uncle who was a registrar at a local university. A man you could call for scholarships abroad. He lost the job and took to drinking. Utampata pale Thika in his grand mansion with an amazing library but drunk as a skunk. Living in squalor. Can’t afford food. Ameuza all that can be sold.
Please avoid drugs right now.
If wife is still around count those stars daily. Daily. When you do well do something amazing for her. Hao watu they almost always go when trouble strikes
And know that you will make it out.

Admin what’s MGID?

You are in your trying period.

The best I will tell you is

  1. Maintain your sanity. Wacha drugs kabisaaa.

  2. Do something new. Even if it means working out, something that you can see its results on you. Let it be a result you can take credit 100%. This mentally will invigorate you to whatever you will do next. In that your belief will be there as you can see results of your actions.

  3. Avoid, avoid any negative or something that amke you question your self esteem, self worth, importance. Read number 2 - positivity should be your daily meal.

  4. Avoid avoid avoid ladies. - kama hauna bibi. I will be honest, they will make you question your self alot after being rejected. Remember they don’t know your journey.

  5. ALWAYS remember it’s a journey, if your a brutally honest with yourself ulipata pesa kwa urahisi when you had it. Bad thing - God is preparing you for greater things, or rather he wouldn’t bless you more juu ungeharibu tu sai. As another poster has said hapo juu, all who maintain their sanity in such period tend to MAKE IT BIG. So maintain your sanity at ALL COST. Good thing - your patience is on trial. If you lose the patience you lose the case.

  6. Nothing under the sun is new, you are not the first person to go through this, nor the last. Has a man you have to pass through this. Its the bridge.

I will give you a very personal advice, what I have used in my own life. I passed through dark clouds but…

You see the way Raila camouflage, reinvents, remakes himself that should be your motto in life.

How many men can pass through such life disappointments and still maintain importance, relevance to himself, family, friends.

Remember wewe you have already started complaining friends are avoiding you. See the difference between you and how Baba behaves as a man. He loses but he reinvents to importance AGAIN.

Who/where are the men who were around him 2007 when kibaki stole his election? Weta, Balala, Nyaga, MaDVD. How about people in 2005 during Referendum…

Only Uhuru(2005) and Ruto(2007) have been able to reinvent themselves. Who are these two guys now in Kenya, not a coincidence ndio wako kwa presidency.

Those are mark of true men. Not a coincidence Raila has been their thorn ever since, why because Baba is like them true Men who know how to remain positive, relevant no matter the disappointment of life.

So, stay sane, positive, avoid anything which brings negativity, then reinvent yourself. Even if it’s a handshake to your lost enemy.

this I will definitely look into it.

Thanks, Bibi anakaa kuenda but still around. Drugs saa hii ni garama for now.

I second!

I like what you said there that I should reinvent myself. Thank you

Reinvent yourself. That’s the most important thing, any person can do in this world sai.

If your in a sinking ship, you need to jump ship for you to survive. Do that.

Swim to the beach continue with your life. That swimming part is the most difficult but doable.

Pole bro. Worst time to be dusting yourself up. You seem to be making the right moves i.e downsizing and looking for fresh opportunities. Listen to what has been posted by others and pick the one that suits you best.
Have you looked into farming?
It will be a long while till the world makes economic headway…

You will emerge stronger and will know who your real friends and family are.

I went through a similar thing

Had saved almost 2M

Luckily I had my ka plot which I used the cash to develop , nikauZa kagari Na nikakopa hapa Na pale nikamalizia

Am 42, getting a job isn’t that easy at my age, most employers prefer young people whom they underpay

Rent inanisaidia

All I can tell these young men, save ,save, save , marry a good girl,avoid kungurus and alcohol daily

Take some insurance

looked into nguruwe but inataka budget kidogo and time so maybe nikipata tupesa i will since i even went to train for that pale juja farm

Thank you for using Agwambo The Enigma as an example. Wacha Baba aitwe Baba.

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Hang in there soldier, forgive those who left you… Though keep a list of their names.

You’re on your own bro. That’s all I’ve come to learn about this life.

Very good quotes about adaptation.

[B]“All failure is failure to adapt, all success is successful adaptation.”

“Adaptability is about the powerful difference between adapting to cope and adapting to win.”

“Doing nothing requires effort. Over time, that effort is greater than the effort necessary to improve, or move somewhere better. The trick is to redirect energy.”

“The smart strategist allows strategy to be shaped by events. Good reactions can make great strategy.”[/B]

Went through this as well in Dec 2018.Somewhat a similar duration, had worked there for 9 years. My name was actually not in the list of guys to go home, but it was sneaked in last minute. I realized all was not well when my snitch in HR stopped picking my calls and replying my texts. When I was being let go, my first question was, what will I tell my wife? My kid had just been born a few months ago. How will I raise her up?
I left the organization, they paid me my severance pay, and one and half month Salo for every year worked. We had a good pension scheme with zamara where we were contributing 8%of your Salo and the company contributes 12%.Collectively,the money was good. Decided not to touch zamara, but used 50% of it as security for working capital for a petroleum dealership. Bado iko mpaka Leo, sijawai guza, bado inazaa interest every year.
When you lose your job you tend to have lots of time in your hands, time that used to be spent at work. I slipped into alcoholism. Could drink Jameson or Johnny walker black label mzinga daily. I hid the fact that I was out of work so well that wife never got to know.
I went to coast and lied to wife that I have gone to work. I think I blew 250k of my benefits in Mtwapa that week. Been fired enough times in the course of career, but they were jobs where I had worked for like a year or two. During those times, I used to lose friends and I was able to know and separate drinking buddies and friends who stood by me during those times. They could even hook me up with interviews and even call me up for drinks knowing Sina kakitu. So when I got retrenched, losing friends haikuwa issue. I used to drink but in my local hata uniite kiongos hakuna bia nakubaia, life has already taught me mambo za ku socialize kwa ma local.
In my career, I have a three peeps older than me who I talk to and occasionally meet up for matters career and mentorship related. I opened up and told them what happened. One had recently been let go off at a senior level in a bank and opened up consultancy stuff. He introduced me to a head of retail in a multinational oil company. Was able to get a dealership with 2.8M working capital instead of the usual 6M. Was able to use by 50% zamara benefits as security.I have done quite well, could be getting another dealership in Sondu anytime,applicqtion imeshapita approval stages.
The rest of the money I opened two phone and electronic accessories shops. In total I have employed 13 people in all the businesses wenye nalipia PAYE, NHIF, NSSF on permanent basis.
What is important right now for you is:
1.Maintain your sanity.
2.Dont lose hope because if you do, it will be difficult to even pass an interview.
3.Totally cut out unnecessary expenditure.
4.Dont stop doing your hobbies. If you love going for run, run even longer distances, if you love lifting weights, lift even heavier. The feel good hormones will give you clarity of mind to restrategize. More importantly you will remain healthy. Once you let stress overwhelm you, I’ll health eg blood pressure, diabetes etc will set in halafu death pap.
5.Keep off drugs and alcohol. I almost drank myself to death. One morning after a heavy drinking session was admitted in hosi with a BP of 221/110. Almost died coz my heart ventricles had enlarged because of drinking mzinga daily, no exercise and constantly worrying , making me a candidate for heart failure anytime. Was released after 3 days. Since that day I have embraced being clean and more exercise.I go for tests every three months at the hospital and it shows the heart is back to normal size.

I always tell guys over here, hii tabia ya marrying a woman coz of looks isn’t a good idea. A beautiful woman will probably be with you as long as you provide, when you are not giving her what she wants she will move to the next nigga who will give it to her. Ideally, marry a woman who is your best friend first. That way, she can put up with your bullshit and not move out with the kid at the slightest provocation.This fact never makes sense for a 25-30year old man. Lakini MTU akifika 32-36years after dating and fuacking all these beautiful women it will make sense. You will have experienced being dumped by these women, then they come back into your life when they see you have recovered wakiona ma posts zako za Suncity South Africa pale IG, hawajui ni company ililipa. For beautiful women, have a Capex mentality when you want to fuck them. Spend on her once if you must, fuck her, then bounce, and don’t go for a return match. For a woman you want to marry being beautiful is a plus, but make sure she is your best friend first.
I met my wife kitambo sana when we were both broke, so tums grow pamoja. I tried my best to hide my being fired situation. But things have a way of coming out. She noticed I suddenly started coming home late at 2am almost every day dead drunk. The day I was admitted in hosi I just had to open up.
You see the way people say ati a woman must be beautiful, tabia tuta vumilia? I disagree, mwanamke ni tabia first before beauty. Of course I can get a beautiful girl anytime, give her what she wants if eg a drive out of town to Naivasha, or money and then fuck her with no strings attached, but making her a wife goes deeper than the size of her ass maze.The fact that she agrees to be fucked for resources shows she only stays if resources are provided. Hivyo ndio reality iko kwa ground. If you marry women based on beauty alone you will be having a new wife every time you recover from losing a job coz they will be leaving you at the slightest sign of brokenness.
Keep your headup, look out for opportunities, never give up hope. Hope is the one thing you must never lose coz if you do it is over.
Have a good family support system and by family support system I mean your nuclear family. Extended family including bros and cuzos are more often happy that you don’t have a job so that they can brag how they helped you. My wife says a home is a sanctuary. She never stressed me at all when I was coming home at 3am drunk ama nimebonda gate na Gari. The worst she could do was to talk to my bro mwenye tuko close aniongeleshe. She never told my mum. Home is a place you should be looking forward to going to especially during this tough time. Try and build that with your wife.
Once you get a new job, which am sure you will as long as you remain sober without losing hope, start side hustles in fields that you enjoy and that you are familiar with. The experience that you are currently going through will catapult you to greater heights of prosperity because of the lessons you are learning now.

We shall overcome! Ain’t a day that goes without the slightest light.

Wishing you the best though to be honest most of us are heading into economic crisis ourselves. Saa hii wife akisema ako na mimba utatoa machozi ya uchungu especially if you don’t believe in abortions

waaaah kumbe am not alone, its just something some of us have to go through to have thick skin in life. anyway thanks for sharing that experience angalau now i can challenge myself to keep on doing what I need to succeed in this life.