Hatulewi Sacco

Mark register and put up distractions that took the bottle’s place.

I am preparing K-Toon drawings.


Nakura fombe ya Jeans.

Kwani Uko solo Kwa bar mzima?

Is that a TV or a wall hanging?

working on this


progress so far on a Kanban-esque board


@Deorro kama uko na hii software nirushie [email protected]

need to learn hii mambo ya 3D

[ATTACH=full]156303[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]156304[/ATTACH]

Mbona haupendi Blender na vile iko poa. can get you some good tuts

That is the dryest weed I’ve seen in my life. Plus hujatoa mbegu. Shyet

Marto angushia mimi stone, niko mbaya saidi men!

Working on this



In bed, drawing some weekend inspiration from pinterest[ATTACH=full]156315[/ATTACH]


Village elder meffi. Hujui kuweka mbicha vizuri?

Dont blam

Dont blame me nimelewa

Kama hiyo ndio size yako, you are very foldable

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What’s so appealing about alcohol?