Hatulewi Sacco


's so appealing about spying on your Friend’s girlfriend?

I was paid. Na nikilipwa tena I will do it.

Naona ndukulu, kuber usiku utakubamba.

A girl who cares about how she looks… Very attractive.

Mimi silewi pia leo @Alchemist. Pengine morrows? Sina Pikcha as I have been on the phone and will be before I sleep.

Tastes like bitter mud. How do you people drink Guiness?

Are you actually going to build that sectional?

Cc @pamba
Cc @boinet

What are you ingesting, fine chang’aa?

Silewi hii Friday…no chang’aa. Nitumie maneno mzuri like finding me a new name pls. Actshuarrare silewangi Friday.

Getting plastered.

Go get laid!!!

Am waiting, uko?

Is that a remap?

Can’t help but slobber, mouth watering, you must’ve had a blessed night.

Yep. Logging first then tweaking. Then logging again. Then tweaking… Issacycle :slight_smile:


off to the dentist…1st time in 15yrs !!!
mbishsaaa baadaye

1.Hiyo story ilienda aje?
2. Ulitok’lezea na ile Kilemba yako ya hot pink ukajimezeshea tena?

I will just do some cloth simulation for the couch cushions