GUKA EXPLODES: Why Uhuru Should Go Before 2022!

I am a little drunk - wine in the house.

Any way, as many of you know, I am sometimes conflicted about Jubilee and Uhuru. One minute I support the buggers, the next I don’t.

Like now I don’t.

I just read that the IMF and the World Bank have said that Kenya’s debt is growing at unsustainable rates. Let’s get serious - Uhuru has raised our national debt by 400% in four years. That’s some kind of record.

Yaani, since independence to about 2013, Kenya’s debt never rose to more than ONE trillion. Now it’s FOUR trillion.

I would have excused this incredulity if I believed that there was a PLAN. I now believe that there’s none. These kids don’t have a clue; Uhuruto are taking us on a stupid, drunk, looting ride down the cliff.


There’s that little thing of the way Uhuru, in his laickadaiscal and happy-go-lucky approach allowed Raila to almost bring down the state; it is instructive, as I have said before, that three of the judges who impeached him were HIS OWN appointees. The three that tried to defend him (including Ibrahim) were KIBAKI’s appointees. Which president in the world doesn’t know that a Supreme Court is a political court that needs to be tightly controlled? At least a leader like Kibaki knew - that’s why his bench upheld Uhuru in 2013.

Today, I was walking in Nairobi and nearly cried. The matatus that Michuki once controlled are now on Kenyatta Avenue. Chokoras are everywhere. And I will not talk about Sonko’s hawkers. Fact is, Uhuru and his bunch of incompetents can’t run a kiosk to save their lives. No wonder Mama Ngina banished Uhuru from the family business empire and gave the reigns to Muhoho.

Uhuru can’t run shit, and we better start coming to terms with it. And the other guy? He sold chicken on the roadside once and now lives in Karen. He thinks everybody is stupid coz of that, and if you dare doubt it, well, do you know you could die?

I remember with nostalgia the days of Kibaki’s John Gakuo. True public servants. No hawkers, no rubbish. No matatus in uptown Nairobi, thanks to Michuki. Greenery all over.

Enter Uhuru. High-fives. Hugs kibao. Matatu zipatiwe right ya graphics, against Michuki rules. Let them colonise the streets. Oh, and while at it, let’s make everything (education, healthcare, whatever) ‘free’, despite the fact that NOTHING can be free - you have to pay for it with debt or hard-earned tax-payers funds (remember the rising debt?). Just because an insecure alcoholic ‘prince’ wants to be loved by everyone.

The personal reason I am mad is that I have just incurred a 15K dent on my car at the Mortury roundabout, why? Because, broadly speaking, Uhuru is NOT Kibaki. His stupid approach to everything is hurting us. Let me explain.

When Thika Superhighway was being constructed, I used to see warning signs to motorists everywhere. Now Ngong road is being done, everybody is cutting corners - no warning signs, nothing. And I have observed this new normal EVERYWHERE. Not just Ngong Road - every project being undertaken by Uhuru is being done like it’s a rip-off - what are warning signs or competent rail-guards for? Nobody is following the rules BECAUSE THEY KNOW THE PRESIDENT IS ASLEEP, OR WORSE.

During Uhuru’s reign, for example, funny landowners on SGR are being paid gazzillions in compensation, and contractors are cutting corners like crazy (how many newly-built bridges collapsed during Kibaki’s reign?). A road that Kibaki used to construct in an year is now taking three. Dams are being quoted at 30, 40 billion a piece. You could think they are like hydro-electric dams that supplied us with electricity, but they are more like waterpans. Nobody is asking questions.

How come Kibaki build Thika superhighway without paying billions in compensation? And if you don’t know, that’s an 8-lane highway!

Ask yourself, Kibaki built Thika Superhighway with 40billion shillings, and Uhuru is building a short stretch of Ngong road - four lanes - with nearly half that. How now?

Why have I struck a rock that’s gonna cost me 15K because a stupid contractor didn’t put a warning sign? Why should thousands of commuters be inconvinced because a contractor cannot finish a simple junction like the Mortury roundabout for NINE MONTHS because the Kenyan engineer Uhuru’s government employed doesn’t do his job (bribed)?

Yes, I have supported JP all these years but I have to say that the Uhuru administration is one bunch of incompetents especially in financial management and public mobilisation. And the weakest link is Uhuru himself, let’s admit it - the bugger just wants to be loved. YET, A LEADER SHOULD BE FEARED, NOT LOVED.

We all remember people like Michuki. They didn’t want to be popular - they delivered. If you ferked with them, well they ferked up with you!

We have re-elected Uhuru because the alternative was way, way worse. But let’s concede. UHURU IS THE SECOND MOST HOPELESS PRESIDENT AFTER DANIEL ARAP MOI. He is a weak prince who craves popular love and who cannot work hard hours.

He’s incompetent, inept and rather silly. He is unsuited to be president.

Today, the average Kenyan - like me hitting an unmarked kerb on a road - is on his own. Ukikufa, shauri yako. Ukisurvive, sawa, lipa tax. Luckily for me today, its 15k. Tomorrow?

I could get killed by a speeding Ongataline super-matatu owned by Ruto’s son/friend because, with no Michuki, they are a law to themselves.

I am Kikuyu, 66 years old so I know shit when I see it.

Uhuru is shit.

U got a few points, heavily pregnant points. But he will be there hadi uwe 71 years.
Sasa meza poison pole pole and hope he works well this time round

Papa you cannot compare a man who worked for his property and one who mummy gave him the property he has. You are not alone on this. It is even a shame sharing a tribe with Uhuru. Sincerely speaking Mutahi was right…Uhuru was very aggressive untill the ICC cases ended after that back to his irresponsible quintessential self. We are as a country in a very bad place. We have a govt riddled with thugs of unmatched incompetence and an opposition riddled with hypocrisy, corruption and incompetence. The debts have risen because what the govt borrows is stolen so we are unable to implement projects that are vital…so what do they do borrow more to plug the hole they created and now implement the project. Our problem in Kenya is not even Raila…we have a more serious problem.

Last year ulikua 69 gathee!

Senility is real:D


Yes, you are drunk. Kojoa ulale.

Why are you rewarding a thief then? Some of you saperes are are a special kind of a breed, voting UK to avert Rao’s win. Give us a break and stop ranting

Great points up there guka @FieldMarshal CouchP . I only wonder if you would have posted your “thoughts” had you not hit a rock.

Chief my comment treaded on a middle ground. So you wanted saperes to give jaruos a chance to gift us a thief from their side? Focus papa!

Believe me bro, if you had given us somebody else other than Raila, we would have voted for them. We are NOT stupid - UHURUTO are a disaster…

Bra, there were other options like Aukot, Japheth, Duba and many others. Did you try them out or you faulted them already?

We are still on that middle ground.

It wasnt cast on stone that if twas Rao its UK. You just jumped onto a bandwagon of mtu wetu.

Mzee leo umenyiamba pointi. Pewa glassi ingine ya wine

@Mzee mzima , are you the one am hearing giggling from the other room? I hope you normally don’t listen to the desperate moans of your closest relative when shit hits he fan?
Note to self: get the fundi to put up better walls, or transfer the master bedroom away from the kids’ rooms…[/SIZE]

That is tantamount to wasting your vote. As he said if someone like Orengo was on that ballot with kalonzo or some other big wig from Western. It would have been a different story.

You spoke of ‘saperes’ I simply gave unto Caesar what is his.


With you on this one 100%.both sides were talking of everything free. Despite humans greed to free thing, it always turn out to be a debt one can’t run away from.

Get real…c’mmon! Itisha @Eng’iti ombitho it unclogs the mind like Vicks kingo used to unclog the throat

If it is hard for you to understand that we would never risk letting anyone that came up with 41 v 1 being president then there’s nothing you are telling us, kwenda kabisa!

Good piece Sir! Many more sunrises to you @FieldMarshal CouchP