GUKA EXPLODES: Why Uhuru Should Go Before 2022!

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Wewe ongea shiet tu na sasa ka-probox kako kamegongwa, sasa utarudi kutumia mkongojo umalize hio kitambi yako ya mashida. Meffi

Na badoo, ngojea hizi miaka nne ziishe, this our country will be f*cked up.Na Ruto pia anangojea turn yake

My sentiments exactly. I was lobbying for dinda and guys nearly stoned me. I am glad someone shares my opinions.

Why is it it UhuruRuto’s fault that you now have ‘regrets?’ how so? Raila refused to move out of the way so that we could shop around and ensure that we were getting ‘value for our money’ i.e new candidates. He not only denied his followers goodies but denied us too. I do not see why I should be blamed if I scored top marks in an exam because I did not have any competition.

Pombe kweli ni kitu mbaya sana. He is now gone and we cannot wait to push our trolleys out and shop till we drop- for some fresh young blood. We made the right choice!! if not for anything else…to avert bloodshed. Ni hayo tuu.
Don’t come telling me to think logically. You work with what you have. Ndumira mbesha instead…

You have your government in power. Shut up and enjoy.

huyu mzee mzima hukusumbua sana .wewe humlia kila thread. ni kama kunguni ambayo haikufi. But your points are very valid.Anyway the dance in club was over last night and we are waking up with a humongous bill to pay. Reality sinking in ama

Guka shida yako ni jumping before verifying, its unbecoming of you. In 2013 kenyas debt was 2.3trillion or therebout. Currently it is about 4.7 trillion. But that is half the story in 2013 our gdp was 4.6 trillion currently we are at 7.5 trillion.
If you look at sustainability of the debt based on debt to gdp ratio we have only moved from about 49% when kibaki retired to about 53%.that means most of the debt has gone into productive use. Moreover,countries at our level of development have a ceiling of about that 75% before investors get anxious and financing costs go the greek way.
The government medium term plan also focuses on fiscal consolidation which will rein in the growth of debt to gdp ratio by allowing gdp to catch up. Stop squealing like a girl

The rain will beat us together. I thought wasee wa jubilee walikua wanatutusi because walikua wanajua mbele iko sawa? Kumbe siyo? Sokay

Nitatumia ya Mama Mzima. Hata yeye ametumia mboro yangu muda mrefu…

Ukahe rii?

We need to %$#@(*&^!! and make up!
(assuming I can get anything up)[/SIZE]

Again, How much is the mighty US of A Indebted to China?

I’m with you here. There’s a theory developed in the united states by a police officer about propagation of crime in cities. It is called the Broken Window Theory.

It gives this example: There is an unoccupied building which has a car packed outside. The building is maintained regularly, any graffiti that appears is quickly painted over, the windows cleaned and broken ones promptly replaced, the car washed, the lawns kempt. No one lives there, no one guards the property, no one sees who does the maintenance, but it is done.

Same building. One day a window is broken and stays without being replaced. Then a single tiny graffiti is drawn on the wall another day and no one paints it over. One of the car’s windows is smashed an no one replaces it. Very soon afterwards, the place becomes a den of thieves and the car is completely vandalized. The vandalization of the car is done by people who aren’t even vandals. They just saw an unguarded property and went for it.

Come to our case in Nairobi. Almost (99% in fact) of all thefts and sexual harassment in public transport occur in these loud, grafitti-laden matatus. Not to mention contemptuous non-compliance with traffic rules and common sense. All because the president encouraged a little truancy.

I remember kenyatta saying this in his campaigns within the year, i paraphrase:

»»»Tuambiane tu ukweli jameni; wakikuyu na wakalenjin ndio walipigania hii nchi yetu uhuru»»»
The video got viral but a warthog in you cant allow you to remember that.

So tell me from that statement, how can you convince a non kikuyu/kale like me to vote for such a person?

Lets rid away first counter accusations and accusations

I believe the SGR loan has a hand on the debt level. What is it now?

Why do I feel like wameanza kutafuta sababu ya kunyima Ruto kura. Boss make sure you pay back!
Mimi niko kando.

kila mtu alipigania kwake. na hiyo vita waafrika walishindwa anyway.

Kindly get me that audio/video. Unless of course you there in person…

Waheee mbesha:)I saw hia that atumia maheagwo so much money…me not even a bean (no pun intended). We shall talk in a few weeks ndoka.

I will be home soon in a few weeks so we shall talk. Nindironire andu maheaguo mbesha muno. But always good to express your thought

I like Mzee…ni mtoi wa ‘Fiund’ generally kwa blog. We have to have some fun.

I dont think he said that, the video that i watched Uhuru said in 07/08 its Kikuyus and Kalenjins are the ones that fought the most…