Gory: Another cop allegedly commits suicide

PC. Waweru

Today 30/09/2017 . 0610hrs ASTU Hqs Riding school, attached to ASTU Mounted Company waweru committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

(Story is unconfirmed)

[SPOILER=“Gory image”]

Hiyo ni kichwa imefanywa boflo namna hiyo?? Wah!

7.62mm calibre si rafiki yako nani especially Kama uko on the receiving end


Our food need counselling.

Before it’s eaten?

:(Something need to be done… These guys must be silent sufferers…

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: and our drinks too

stress and depression levels seem to be so high in the forces.

Thats bad. 7.62 x 51

Kwanza in short range

I can attest to that, kupelekwa mbio na wakubwa, disciplined forces iko kazi cyo mchezo it need tough hearted…


:(really sad

@pamba Kunani humu kwenu?

hi wanjiku.


seems like a white walker was involved else what is that blue gem.


Kuna Cuzo yangu aliua two of his colleagues na akajeruhi mwingine huko baringo and later surrendered himself