Gory: Another cop allegedly commits suicide

Have you seen the deplorable conditions that these cops live in? And then they are sent to guard “wakUMBWA’s” mansions in the leafy suburbs. The kids of these wakUMBWA’s are rolling in Beemas and Benzes while the cop struggles to put food on the table with no glimmer of upward mobility or owning a mansion like that no matter how hard they work. Sad really.


Pelekeeni Rais huu ujumbe walio karibu naye, tunaumia kimyakimya.

Lakini makarao ni takataka kwanza kuna time Thika nimeshikwa saa tatu nilipelekwa cell nikadoze huko na wakanikula Thao tatu…I later came to learn that hio ndo biashara yao mostly on weekends… Mnashikwa watu ka mia mbili na venye hizo cells ni kidogo hata place ya kuweka mguu hupati…kuanza hio siku nilichukia karau ata nipate anauliwa ama ako kwa shida gani siezi saidia

another jubilee vote lost


Kuna watu wengi wanatamani kujiua lakini hawana mbinu… Kwa mfano kama ndugu yetu @Alchemist angekuwa na ak47 ile siku sahi tungekuwa tunaongea mengine, ni vizuri wanakijiji walieza kuingililia kati.

Niliona hii post na nikakaa mbali. Umenivuta huku.
My opinion is simple. Some cases happen due to momentary rage. The issues are always there but hidden. Plus no occurrence is the same to any other.
As for lack of means I sure didn’t, just shelved the plan.

Sad but that’s the way to go BY YOURSELF.

kwani alikuwa lefty.naona index finger ya left bao iko kwa trigger.

A gun shot right into brain causes an instant painless death, and they know it. Most people commit suicide over imaginary things that only exist in their mind or a temporary situation that won’t last.

Nyaga ni Cuzo yako?

kwani ww hujua kila mtu…

That guy served in an operation area within my areas of operation mbona nisimjue and yet was one of my responsibilities.

Yesterday, I gave a very very cute young cop from Kisii a lift in Runda.

She had one of those tiny, deadly Israeli machine guns and she told me how much the extended politics is disrupting their lives. Her male colleague, who haf flaggedme down, had just finished a day at an embassy and had to go directly to an overtime assignment.

At some time those that have no psychological buffer lose it.

Talking about wakubwa, do you know that wengine wamejengewa tule tunyumba tudogo tunakuwanga kwa gate za wadosi… Mtu anashinda hapo the whole day, come rain come sunshine… Kukinyesha wanajisqueeze hapo ndani. Some of these so called leaders are so inhumane that hata kachai au kalunch hakuna. I know of one of these big peoples gate kahouse imejaa matusi imeandikwa na unhappy mapolisi employed kulinda that household… Wanaandika na makaa

Always Put some Respeck on oir police.They can be good if you are good to them.

Brief history of the late officer.
He was involved in a horse riding accident sometimes back and due to head injuries sustained he appeared mentally ill.

He attempted siucide earlier but failed and was exempted from armed duties until the day when he rushed to armoury and cheated the NCO that he was assigned guard duties at riding school.

The armoury NCO issued him with a G3 rifle and that’s how he got the lethal barrel on his head.

A hard lesson from mentally disturbed colleagues.
RIP officer.