Giving girls your number

Why is this very ineffective.

I am in campus and I have given out my number to like 15 girls and non has even texted back

I used to take their numbers but realized it’s kind of men are always forcing them to give out their numbers.

Seem like I’ll have to go back to being the one to note down their numbers


You overestimate your looks. Women will call back for money,photography or favours. Attach some favour to your number and they will need you. The closest they can do is suggestive wozap status …

Give those numbers to your friend. I am forever grateful to my first-year roommate who managed to get the number of some hot girl. The girl couldn’t text him back so I took over and succeeded smashing her for the rest of the semester. Maybe the girls aren’t interested in you, but a friend could succeed where you have failed. The numbers are important, just not for you.

The day you’ll have something to offer as a add on to your number. They’ll surely initiate and maintain contact.

homosexual bronskin this story is straight outta of your arsehole

You are ugly man

why would you give a random woman your number?

The reason why they don’t text back is because you are not good-looking or interesting enough. A campus girl is still reasonable even if people demonize them here. A campus girl won’t expect her classmate in campus to be a multimillionaire. So, you can take money out of the equation because you don’t need money to get laid by campus chics if you are also a student. You lack looks and charm…it is as simple as that.

I dont give out mine unless ni dame ananijenga someway somehow…kupeana number you open up yourself to ‘sasa nimeona nikucall/text juu sina mtu mwingine wa kuendea…nikona shida sijui kama unaweza nisaidia…’ nisaidie na doh ya bla bla bla…sitaki such when im relaxing at home sipping cold drinks enjoying a movie.
Dame akisaka number yako aku cold call or text ndio uko ndani.

Hi kitu sio mambo na looks, improve yourselfu physically, mentally and most important financially watakutafuta

You are trying too hard man, women can see it, just forget about them and go on with your own business and own happiness and never bother about them, soon you will be noticed how you are full of life, that energy will just attract them and they will beg you to have their number

Stop lying to yourself. That only applies to 35+. Confidence is the key here.

How do you guys start that convo? “Hi, i’m Voltquanstrandom, i got your no from a friend, wanna get drinks sometime?”. I prefer to get their no in person or by PM on insta or FB. I’d ask my friend for her insta niende nijitetee huko. kusanya namba naonanga ni weakness and desparation.

Piga ponyetho mos mos saa hii., make mullah they will be rotating on your diik

Nigga it’s because you are ugly, period. Remember women’s dual mating strategy of Alpha fux and Beta bux. Women tend to categorise all men into those two, and chances are you are not an Alpha (mindset, looks, height, beards, gym body etc), so you are beta who is also broke. Hapo they won’t even bother with you. Pole.

huwes ona io nyang’au hapa tena, mtu ako na handles kumi na zote ziko na personality disorder

Kizuri chajiuza kibaya chajitembeza! This makes you appear cheap

Kupewa namba na morio juu ameshindwa na ngeus is not weakness. Kumbuka sio wewe uliomba number and you also haven’t met the chic. I just hate seeing a good number going to waste. I am also not a numbers collector. Conversation huanza kama wrong number but make sure she knows that you like her voice and wouldn’t mind to meet her juu mko same area. 99% of women will agree to meet in a public area simply due to curiosity.

ao wamekufanyia poa. wamekuonyesha vizuri you need to work on yourself kwa sasa ivi. Use the time you have…ukikimbizana na wao sa ii utaumia siku za usoni na wao hawataenda hasara sababu io kitu yao sio kama sabuni