Kiambu Woman Representative Gathoni Wa Muchomba greets Martin Kamotho Njenga, christened the ‘Githeri man, in Kayole on May 31,

Martin Kamotho Njenga, christened the ‘Githeri man’ and who became a trending topic on social media during the election period, has checked into rehab for alcohol addiction.

This is according to Kiambu Woman Representative Gathoni Wamuchomba who claims to have received instructions from State House to trace his whereabouts and admit him to a rehab.

Ms Wamuchomba claimed ‘Githeri man’ had contacted the president’s handlers on Wednesday at Jacaranda Grounds, in Donholm, and expressed his desire to turn a new leaf.

hope he gets the help he desires

Githeri man season 2 loading!

Hio tai kwani ni picha duka. Inakaa like something only @Tom Bayeye would tie

Hiyo ata cant tie hawezi.

The guy was given too much/the wrong kind of attention

He does not look good on that photo, damn.

Maybe he was always an alcoholic only that recently he could afford enough alcohol to need rehab.

At least he still has ‘State Honour’.

source nigga…

Asaidike. But how he got a State Commendation ndio bado inanishinda

Yaani hii mtu ndiye alipata a whole Head of State Commendation (HSC)

Kweli, I can only shake my head.

Múndû sampuli ìno ahana kwambata. SMH!!


sometimes just support a fellow man @kiLo-

Sasa kila nugu itakuwa inapelekea rais mashida zake? Alishapewa ipads na sijui shamba na gift hampers, kama huyu “my fren” hakujipanga basi hawezi saidika. On that note, hawa presidential handlers wanapatikana wapi, nataka wanisaidie kufile tax returns.

I remember telling a friend of mine this guy is a drunk and deserves nothing until he cleans up. That was back in August when he first emerged into stardom. That friend thought I was being too harsh. Now I’ll call her and tell her “I told you so”
Sijui why women think everybody deserves a second chance.

:D:D:D:D Ninaonewa.

alikua amepewa chance na mungu sa check

The same way little known kina kipkichkich,kipkewewe and chepchirchir are ending up with billions meant for maize farmers.Btw wenye tulipeleka mahindi Jan tulilipwa jana…siwezi jaribu tena

It’s like those jackpot guys who end up broke and you wonder…how?

This guy was comfortable the way he was. I wouldn’t be surprised if he sold all the stuff he had and squandered it.

Hiyo pesa ilitoka wapi

This was about relegating national pride to drunks instead of heroes @KenduKiega. When it comes to theft, the winner is known