Mimi nimeacha priss niguzishe vitu



bado harusi . Basi wacha nichungulie

Alcoholism is not a joke. I hope he gets the help he needs

The authorities have continued to disregard the respect bestowed on such title.Wacha the Githeri man even the kina Pauline Njoroge,Alai and the Itumbis don’t deserve it.Sychopancy should never be rewarded with such honors.I remember once being called to Staff room by my primary school headteacher for making the Flag touch ground,while unhoisting from the flag post.I received 6 of the best.Just today I have seen a grown ass man wrap the flag around his waist.Something went wrong somewhere

Sijui ata but I can confirm my 170K plus was paid in full


Naona kitunguu imenuka na ni ka weekendi…

I’m sure by Monday kuna ka hekaya kana kwuom.:smiley:

tukutane wapi ununue mzinga kesho?

Nakuwaga nimeokoka mimi

Kwanza nyinyi ndiyo wale wabaya.


If spear was not anonymous he would get a OGW

afadhali wewe ulilipwa. Sisi wanaturingia ati tulitoa mahindi Uganda

Yenu ndio next walisema watalipa kila mtu but in phases

I’m an urban legend, however a dozen people here know me personally.

That is something. Githeri Man was an inspiration then but he has stumped not fell. A man seeking help is not a weakness. I wish him and the rest best of luck in rehab.

Head of State’s Commendation.