GEMA Always Play The ACE Card..

At this moment in Kenya’s history, Mboya and Odinga thought they were part and parcel of the deep state…
Just like WSR and Sonko thought in the recent past. It all ended in premium tears. Mt. Kenya will always play their game to win… :D:D:D


I know for a fact who the next perennial opposition leader will be since raila is about to exit the scene

The old lion, he played his politics wisely

Mboya was very young.

OP,yes,but slowly by slowly things are changing.
From a structured constitution where you don’t just wake up and say ‘harambeee…nyayo’ to a constitution of thresholds like 50+1%, atleast more than half of counties,2/3rds majority,term limits,votes are tallied and announced in the polling station and now BBI wants IEBC to close the voters register 60days to election date.

That means we are going to have the elusive single voter register.No more black book green book tricks.

Add to that the fact you must be given your ID within 60days of application,and within the same offices you can register as a voter.

Also generations are changing, nearly all tribes are becoming highly educated and wealthy.Plus,interests are cutting across tribes,so it will be interests first then tribe.

What is being referred to as ACE card is betrayal, humiliation, ethnic contempt, oathing against others, rigged elections, murder and other unsavoury things.

We cannot celebrate the so called ACE cards.

We shall continue ruling over you son. Ngoja BBI ipite then you have Mt Kenya controlling parliament due to heavy numbers. Most tribes can’t see that the benefits of BBI are heavily skewed towards the mountain. It’s not a fair document but you guys will pass it because Baba said so.

Divorce is imminent.

You are day dreaming

If William fails to win 2022 mtashangaa. Divorce will be a must.

Ao si ni akina Raila na Oparanya wa leo na Uhuru?

What I have to give to Gema Mafias is their discipline and strategic foresight. They have think-tanks that outdo all other tribes due to discipline and financing by their Tycoons.

I had a friend who was part of a group of Luo University Dons and lawyers who formed a Raila Think-tank. When no money was forthcoming it wilted.

GEMA also reward their core guys when they take power. Kibaki had his DP friends who he rewarded when he got power. Tinga treats his people like trash and sells slots when he gets power. Ruto struggles to destroy you like he did to Zakayo Cheruiyot and Isaac Ruto.

As an aside. When Tinga was PM there were slots for police recruitment being given to wakubwa. Tingas underlings sold most of his slots. Ojode got simmilar number and gave deserving cases in each village in Ndhiwa. Luos began praising Ojode. He was labelled a traitor. Indiscipline in life is very costly.

You have spoken the truth

GEMA also absorbs their sons who have been in a govt of a Rival tribe seamlessly unlike other tribes.

Cyrus Maina and kaguthi who worked with Moi are key cogs in internal security schemes despite serving Moi.

If you are a Luo who served Moi or Kibaki you are termed a traitor and ostracized. Tuju is agood example. If you are a Kalenjin who is with Kibaki or Tinga you become “punyot”. Henry Kosgey and Sally are apt examples. These are people who could help Ruto with ideas and strategies but he chose to destroy bthem without room for reconciliation. His advisers are Now Oscar Sudi and Farouk Kibet arap Teigut.

Kioni was a key cog of Mudavadi campaign, today he is a key MP in UK corner.

@ChifuMbitika I am waiting Mucheze Ruto na Tinga at a go nione hiyo game.

Vyuma vyao wote vi motoni. We play them but in different halves of the game.

Me honestly I want a divorce. A new country comes with so much possibility

Politics of betrayal… interests

Withthe numbers they can choose who to support and betray. It is democracy after all.

Mangelepa you are obsessed with the mountaineers. They don’t care about your thoughts. Just watch them slowly remote the meat from the Jakuon fish mouth. Watch pls.

:D:D:D:D Kwanza you’re not that loyal… Unakula crumbs from Tanga tanga so uko kwa disloyal group.
Even Tuju is more trustworthy huko GEMA… :D:D:D

I don’t know Ruto so that tired chorus of I am paid uwache. I just know most of the mountain has no time for Jakuon. question is why can’t you vote against us instead of waking up each day digging dirt on Kyuks.