GEMA Always Play The ACE Card..

Hio ace tumefichia madynasties raundi hii, enough is enough

Kujia muratina Wainaina

Dr. Miguna Miguna on Twitter: “Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and Tom Mboya imposed Jomo Kenyatta as Prime Minister of Kenya in 1963 and made him an IMPERIAL PRESIDENT in 1964 when Jomo Kenyatta (Kenya’s original tyrant) was more than 75 years old. He died in power 15 years later. LESSON: Never impose anyone in power!” / Twitter

Everything comes to an end eventually…Enjoy the milk and honey now.

Jubilee Party Vice Chair David Murathe has made disparaging allegations about Deputy President William Ruto, adding that it may have affected the relationship between him and President Uhuru Kenyatta. Speaking during an interview on Inooro TV on Sunday night, April 18, Murathe sensationally claimed that Ruto was heard disparaging Uhuru as a drunkard at the height of the 2017 re-election campaign.

Murathe claimed that the speech, allegedly made in Kalenjin language, was relayed to Uhuru by the intelligence agents and may have contributed to the head of state’s decision to cut the DP’s powers in his second term.
“There is a day Ruto spoke in his native language and told his supporters to vote for Uhuru because as he drinks, I will be running the government," Murathe claimed.
Jubilee Vice Chairperson David Murathe speaking to the press in a past briefing

“It was during the funeral of the late Mark Too. The government always has a way of knowing some of these things. I suspect that was one of the reasons Uhuru decided to sideline Ruto was this statement,” the Jubilee vice chair added.
Murathe also accused the DP of insulting the president with the recent claim that the Jubilee Party was run by people who are “hardly sober”.

“He should stop hiding behind us (officials). He is the deputy party leader and above him is the party leader, there are a number of officials who are above me so when he insults people like Murathe, how can a vice-chairman be calling the shots, those indults are directed at someone else,” the Jubilee Vice Chairman stated. was unable to independently verify the claims, while a source from the DP’s camp said they were not keen on responding to Murathe.
“We have serious priorities as hustler nation, the cabal that is ever drunk is not one of them,” our source said.
Murathe also clarified an accusation that Elgeyo Marakwet Kipchumba Murkomen had alleged that the Jubilee vice-chair was drinking alcohol during a Citizen TV interview in which they were both guests.
“I was very tired and had a glass of water and Murkomen alleged it was alcohol. They revert to insults when they are unable to debate and that is why I told him to join me in drinking.


“If at all we are drunk and giving them jitters, what about if we deal with them when sober?” Murathe questioned jokingly.
The deteriorated relationship between the head of state and his deputy has led to cracks within the Jubilee party and the government by extension. In a recent interview with Citizen TV, DP Ruto said that if given an opportunity to become president he would not allow his deputy to be mistreated the way he has. Ruto also stated that he had confronted President Kenyatta in the company of NIS officials to try and resolve the issues between them.

The man to back in 2022 is William Ruto. He is no saint, but he is the only one that can dismantle a dangerous stranglehold on the economy. There’s a video of Uhuru saying they should be careful not to hand over to someone who comes to destroy. But the truth is, him and his cabal should not, but WE should.


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I’m shocked that there are IDIOTS who want to rewrite our history and say that uhuru and Ruto were working well between 2013 and 2017 and started performing terribly after the handshake.
Is working well killing Msando? Is it stealing billions in the eurobond scandal? Is it building an OVERPRICED USELESS SGR? Is it LYING to people that you’ll give them laptops? Is it LYING that you’ll build stadiums? Is it rigging an election to the point that the supreme court says it must be repeated? Is it killing baby Pendo? Is it taking the national debt from 1trillion to around 6trillion in 2017?
Bure Sana nyinyi.

Jamaa uko na shida na Gema, get a hobby man

I’ve reported your comment to the admins. You’re making more sense than this forum can handle.