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I’ve come across this 1934 Nazi propaganda film and I have to say I was astounded. The Nazis apparently choreographed their ceremonies after the Romans, and the sheer audacity of their parades is breath-taking.

They could have 200,000 men in one parade all raising flags and other symbols!

I just wish the film could be colourised; it would be incredible.

Any way, when you have some time and bundles, enjoy and wonder what the world would have become had Hitler not invaded Russia (the colonial Brits told us they beat him, but now we know its the Ruskies that did it!).


WWII was worn by sSoviets but at a great cost. Over 6 million of their soldiers were killed in combat. But the soviets military operation was ruthless to their own soldiers as well: you either face uncertain death infront or cer.tain death at the back. This means you could not escape, signs of desertion were met with bullet. Over 20,000 of them died that way

Had he not invaded Russia, we would be speaking German now, still under colonization and probably be fighting against slavery status. The world would also be ruled by an Emperor. hitler nazi was the last time someone tried to forcefully rule the world. Thanks to the Russians who defeated him in their land and drove them all the way back to Berlin for the final defeat that led to his suicide as they closed in on his bunker.

if the winter was not harsh Germany could have won the war that is what made Russia defeat them

Why didn’t the Americans use their newly developed Atomic bombs on the Nazis?Why did they think it more expedient to try it on the Japanese rather than the Germans?Could racial bigotry have informed their decision then?

That was a tough time. At one point Germany was dropping 200 bombs on london every night

Actually they were only able to build a mobile atomic bomb after the war with germany was over!

All the bombs they were testing were built on site and too massive to deploy anywhere

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What was used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

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Germany was lucky, the war in Europe ended in May 1945, the scientists were ready with their shit and they tested the 1st atomic bomb on 16th July, on the 6th and 9th August it was raining fire in Japan.


Using the bombs on defenseless and non-combatant people was racist.

By the time they had finished production of the atomic bomb, nazi Germany was about to disintegrate and its cities were in absolute ruins following months of heavy carpet bombing by allies planes. There was also the headache of the fact that 500000 allies troops were in Germany and could possibly be hit. nazi Germany was also months away from making its on atomic bomb. The hidden lab was discovered, the materials and scientists seized. They were all shipped to the usa. Japan was the last nation to surrender in second world war and it was only the USA fighting them. The prospect of invading mainland Japan would need another 500000 troops and it would most certainly led to mass casualties. Japanese troops fought bravely to death and followed orders without question. The usa battle for Okinawa proved as hard as they feared. The USA also feared Russia was already stepping up on world supremacy against them and they thought the blast of the atomic bomb would scare them. What they didn’t know is that they also were developing its own and had infiltrated the USA project with spies.

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Let’s read Kenyan history too.


Hitler died just recently he was living in Argentina:eek:


About Hitler/WWII…has anyone ever watched this?


Any thoughts? After watching a few videos related and those of David Irving, Ernst Zundel they paint an interesting picture.

Please don’t believe this made for ratings t.v shows. Hitler remains including his skull has been in Moscow since the end of second world war. After the end of the cold war and KGB demise, it was revealed and other government allowed to study it.