Gas from a borehole

It’s still there and kill living things , birds ,snakes and all wildlife !

Cc @byro and @Father Figure…


I thought the mine it.

I bet you are thinking of sketching the scenario.

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you forgot @Adeudeu

They mine it, co. name is carbacid, they also have a mine in Eldoret

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Haven’t heard of that,really interesting.

Aftermath ilikaa hivi


Meffi gas


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@Adeudeu fell in the well…

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Happens frequently in gilgil. Natural gas

you mean …gas inaweza pika?

I can’t remember the year exactly, but it was over xmas, two bothers embarked on cleaning their water well, and both died.
The first one went in, was non respondent, then the second one went in, it was a sad day, pale Ndenderu A, Molo.

Already happened bro…


The only way is to call a geologist to pull samples to test. There are hundreds of possibilities as to what it is. @Mombasa Before you test for flammability say goodbye to your family. And make sure nobody is around you.


Very angry. It’s a mother and when angry her ripple effects go far. The hydrogen bombing in North Korea could be the reason behind earthquake in Mexico . We share the same opinions @Alchameist

What’s your opinion about the gas, you know why I’m asking you my friend

Who is this boy ? Contacts ? Facebook ?email? Saidia tafasali zEs6j0MGTgk

I had to watch this before I sleep . Sad