Gas from a borehole

…Who has seen that story on royal media specifically inooro tv, of the borehole in murang’a that instead of kutoa maji, kunatoka alot of unknown gas. I would have experimented the gas and see if its flammable, after that nijue how to liquify it, niuze. Anyway, geologists in the house, what gas could it be? I have a feeling kuna mtu ameangukia jackpot. It has been producing the gas, alot of it since february

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That happens all the time. Its poisonous and guys have died inside those wells.

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There is someone who posted a documentary here about a river in congo which killed people when they ventured into it…tales of an entire village collapsing and dying without any reason…apon investigation kumbe kulikua na a large amount of CO deposit in the area and under the lake and when disturbed inge flow throughout the area killing the locals…

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We need to get full information on this

ok…Yes Carbon Monoxide is poisonous.

it could be poisonous but still useful…

The earth is alive, and very angry!


I drill for actual gas (hydrocarbons). Its impossible to find it in borehole depths. Must be another gas


which other gas…i need examples of gases at that level

Carbon dioxide or monoxide.

Lake Nyos


Mambo mbaya!


@FieldMarshal CouchP kuja utuelezee story ya Carbacid.

Tell us about carbacid.

I thought it was a fart fetish thread.


The company? Sina idea

acha utaona vile mwenye land ataslapiwa na some ‘constitutional rule’ yenye haiallow aown such a piece of land…


Yes, the company that supplies CO2 to bottlers. They harvest the gas somewhere pale Kimende. I wanted to know the science behind it coz those guys kazi yao ni kuipackage kwa mitungi.

PS: the company is associated with RAO

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They manufacture the CO2