Friday Regrets

KCPE results were announced just the other day and i have seen grown men and women taunting that little girl who dreams to be neurosurgeon after topping the nation. She hopes to become a brain expert and treat sijui akina conjenstina bla bla bla. The post was filled with ridicule that i thought was only a reserve for a dunghouse and madhouse like Ktalk and not mainsteam soshio media.

Lakini kwani how fucked up are we? How messed up can a grown man be to urinate on the aspirations of a 13-year-old girl? Ati you are telling her scoring stellar grades in Kenya is useless because our economic policies stiffle academic brilliance? @Ndindu masomo sasa imekua bure sio?

One thing for sure, I will never forgive my great grand Father for hiding when slaves were being exported to the coast of Florida.

Fwakin shit!

Ata bingwa alipata A+ 92
Na ni shopkeeper pale Eastleigh

Hahaha sad state of affairs. Africa is truly a latrine, at least Indians and Sri Lankans reward academic brilliance in some way.


Some were true.Where are the rest of the A’s since that famous one in 95? Wameandikwa mundane jobs za 9-5 alafu wadosi wao hawajamaliza primo,yet the smart ones are still struggling like the everyone else. You’d think passing exams is the golden tkt,think again…Another cog added to the ever spinning gears of hardships aanze kupanga laini mapema kama wenzake

Yeah, i knew they were right. But it hadnt really hit me that we are this far gone to the extent of raining on the parade of the next generation who dare to dream.

UmLink na mentors ‘macau’ or ‘monaco’

Very true. Brilliance is never rewarded in .ke.
Its everyone for himuselif.
In my main hustle i deal with ze high and mighty.
The rot in our public and private sector is baffling, mind boggling, crazy, and corrupted to the very core. Its disgusting.

You want them to wear tags with their KCSE and KCPE grades and current occupation or what ?

Create a portal and track them ndio tujue kweli masomo ni useless.

Huyo hakuna knowledge ako nayo ndio apate hio 433 alipata. It’s shows that she is good in memorising answers for questions which have been repeated over and over.
Knowledge is a verb used to solve existing proplem.

Truer words have never been spoken before

Rot iko but the average kid who scored above B is doing better than the average kid who scored c or D.

Even in that those public and private sectors rife with corruption, the mdosis and Middle level managers are bright chaps who scored high grades.

I know, but if we already know the system does not work why are we still subjecting our next generation to this madness? What was she supposed to do? Score 200/500

Why are you even shocked? Kenyans are a v funny lot. Not right to angukia a 13y/o like that. Hope she does not get to see the stupid messages. We are so kind yet so mean…
Having said that, most of us lost trust in our education system before Matiang’i cracked his whip. But that should not mean that we pile up on the high achieving students. The problem is for the gava to solve. The gava is who we should pile up on regarding the plight of our youth.

It hurts because it’s true, I’m surprised resident downloader has an ounce of humanity

Boy wa bhangi niaje? Nirushie kishada pale inbwoxx

Pembroke House can’t relate

Wachana na bangi, unapata mtu ananuka kama kuni

If you really need to know how much low our standards have sunk, go to the Northern Frontier mjionee.

Ata i strongly advise you upate shida uko, usithubutu kuenda hospitali ya serikali

He was born on the wrong side of the continent.

One lesson we can get from your great grand father is that where you are born matters.

Today, 2021, can apply this lesson in whichever way we are so inclined…