Friday Regrets

Na anakojoa kwa matress

Nashangaa he is sympathising with her. Maybe because she is a child.

That makes sense

There is time for everything, ama hukufunzwa hio hapo kiamaiko DEB?

I don’t even know what that means.

If girlchild has been consistently outperforming boychild in national exams, why do they still give girls preferential treatment for university intake?

Tuwache story mingi na majority ‘tuliibia’ mtihani

Don’t blame the masses people are simply expressing the real situation based from experience.

How do you convince a high school kid that academic will shape his life, when his brother who has recently graduated from campus is wallowing in drugs because of depression as a result of poverty?

How to do you encourage a high school girl to excel in education when her elder cousin who is a form four dropout is living lavish life style than her sister who graduated with a 1st class…

Next week, KRA will be interviewing a certain lady for a job, am sure she will get the job because the father is a big don’t want to know her grade…


Kumbe @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii is humane :smiley:

Then it’s worth sticking around these streets a little longer.

vitu kwa ground huwa very hard, you wonder why guys struggle with books only for realty to hit very hard. But watu wasome patronage will never end, even in first world countries , you don’t expect daughter or son of directors to tarmac. Shida ya kenya ni the opportunities are very little, we have a handful of multinationals, and in those companies we have directors, big suppliers etc and they all have friends who may need a help in employment. Consider this you are a director in securex , your son , or even son of your mpango say a drop out , needs employment, what will you do? you’ll call a big shot say Britam and explain yourself, your son /step son will have express entry to britam, no interview and he won’t be given a sales job or any mundane job but will be given a respectable job with fatter pay for the sake of business partnership. hizi vitu happen more than everyone thinks , like i said shida ya Kenya ni very few slots are available, hata za patronage hazitoshi. But education will definitely open the doors for you and your generation.

Am working harder and smarter to take my nigglets to St Andrews Turi…wewe unapiga kelele hapa si uzae wako tuone kama watapata such scores.

Top student hata hivyo alikuwa na maxii ngapi?

Not really,but if their faces get plastered all over shouldnt that suffice as a record? Shouldn’t they be feted in halls of the great(s)? As humas we forget too fast and are on to the next big thing. Case in point,that genius boy from the early nineties,we dont give two shīts what he’s doing now but are quick to recognize dubious characters like sonko. My point is/was academic brilliance is a feather in a cap,once you remove the cap,what are you? Back in the days kuitwa mwalimu,hata wa home science,was powerful,leo hakuna hio upuss.Just pray to your lucky stars that the top grade you achieved is worthwhile and noticable. No one really cares about the alphabets

Where is that?

No naming names.

Umesoma wapi hiii maneno,nitumie link

Kama ni kwa gova huko ni kwa fake high and mighty when it comes to brilliancy

But usipeleke watoto Group of schools if you ain’t taking them abroad to further their education. Always a sob story. Better to aim for our National Schools by taking kids to good Kenyan schools and paying for private tuition. That way a child is cushioned by our curriculum system. If you have money they can still go abroad and fit, if you don’t they will gain access to our Kenyan Unis and battle it out.

Hahaha … hii inafaa iingie kwa ktalk lexicon. Smart one kaka brasa

Thanks this is well noted.