Forums are dead. Admin sell this site to a gullible sucker before it's too late

My friend is currently tied up in humoungous projects in Nairobi. Once that settles down she will kick start it as I don’t have the IT knowhow although I have a lot of time on my hands.

Marissa hio nyanya nono rotund

Finest Swine nitumie kakitu ninunue KY Jelly ya kufungua @TrumanCapote boot.

People make the mistake of thinking this is Facebook. This site is run by a nefarious gang of cunning gekoyos

Waniuzie I purge low IQ bonobos

It’s not necessarily a gang. It’s an individual with dozens of handles. Mundu Mulosi is the only moderator that sounds different from the rest.
But the good thing is that with time everything reveals itself

get circumcised before uanze kutusi madem wetu. takataka

What a shame! Introvert had the best curations manze, lakini guys should know to remain anonymous, if mnataka private info, only give telegram handles. I bet blackmail could be part of the business:D

Nadinya madem wako mnduku na this big Jarruo black veined foreskinned anaconda and there is nothing you can do in your kayole nyamavilla shithole.Nguruwe mzee wewe.Jipanguse matako na ngotha ya @Finest swine before you address The Enigma.Ochot madichuo moluny.

@Finest wine ukitumia hizi jangili mbili kakitu usinisahau pia, ile doh nilikuwa nategea nina sense itachelewa

I am actually thinking about their requests although not really Wanaruona as he is always here dealing with big cash business transactions. Once I figure out how to send money and not expose my deets I will be on it.
Lakini wewe unapenda the cheap skirted women sana;)so hmmmmmm. Me thinks.

Tuma basi voucher as advised by @Wanaruona , cash itaishia kwa danguro

Dude, it is not just one individual around here that operates a million vile handles. Quite a number of them do and that is how they bring KT down mos mos coz it is allowed. Quite how the admin and mods don’t get it…hehehehe don’t even ask. For them if the traffic moves, they are game …but in the meantime wacha nicheke loudest.

You are 'aving a laugh a minute:D. So nitume vouchers to Vinnywaf kule mall?

Uwes looks like you are responding to someone on my long block list. Word is if you don’t see me insult back just know kimtu is on that list. I ain’t got no time for that shits ever. I can’t see any other women on this thread.

Mathe ulisema hutusafishi mecho kapsaa?

Just leave me alone if you have a single brain cell. Okii?

Sasa proceed ju i have more than one …

I don’t have the time for 50 y/o jifathes. Just contribute to a thread otherwise.

Skuizi unachorea form yangu sana lakini haisuru.