Forums are dead. Admin sell this site to a gullible sucker before it's too late

Shosho media has spelled death for forums, kubali tu yaishe

Some of the things I read here are outrageous. So when he sells the site how will that be a changer for you/us? Besides aren’t forums part of shosho media…masalale jameni:D

@admin ndio huyu buyer wa kwanza. Anza bidding

Stump out the ciggie and put the gin down please:D. I am not a potential buyer of websites as much as I can afford it. Don’t have the resilience nor the desire to put in the hard work behind the scenes.
Once my friend and I pull off our new forum then that is a different ball game. Yetu hakutakuwa matusi ya ndururu, chest thumping and dick measuring contests. No obsessive stalkers either.

Trolls kill the place. Want to lead every new thread into a personal attack.

You have to go through a lot of social media sites to get information you can get here in 2 to 3 clicks.

Nitumie kakitu ninunue unga ya Christmas

Don’t worry you will just be the both of you plus maybe your favorite worshippers like beta males @ChifuMbitika and @LongTime after blocking everyone giggling and chuckling discussing how to correctly change diapers:D

I was just about to ask you; you’ve been talking about it for a while now.

Pia Mimi Niko mbaya saidi. It could have better atume voucher ya Carrefour. Pesa tukipewa tutaenda kuosha rungu Kwa danguro.

When a person over 55 years old spends time creating multihandles to troll a web forum of course the forum will lose it’s appeal. When that 55+ “amorphous” troll is the admin it is the worst because a troll cannot ban itself or it’s multihandles.
Introvert warned us that your info is not safe in Kenyatalk.

Unga wa ngano, wa mahindi au wa mhogo?

Ngano nipike shafati

Sambamba ndugu!

Sell it and we all share the loot.

Not safe in what sense?

Hehe, hapa ni free labor unafanyia admin. Malipo yako ni likes, hutapata sumuni

Ukijibiwa niambie. These guys act like they signed non disclosure agreements whenever they’re asked questions regarding the former admin(s).

Apparently admin goes into people’s inboxes. That’s why Introvert left in a huff.
Those who share personal info in the inboxes thinking it’s safe just know that whatever you shared is public info.

Fungua website ya kupanga mapera pole pole bila kusumbua kijiji you fattest Swine ghassia. @TrumanCapote kapondi kapoti will be an occasional contributor of hekayas of how I regularly nut in her tight butt hole.