Forums are dead. Admin sell this site to a gullible sucker before it's too late

@Finest wine tuma voucher pale careffour. Halafu upeane jinas za talker.

Remember to add your pastor… In that kind of a platform, inakaa yeye tu ndio atakuwa anaongea uko

So you are saying purple is a 55 year old tree holder? Na Kuna jinga zinamwombanga coomer hapa? Haha
@Purple Kuja kiasi

Don’t worry about that self hating fool. He left tight his tight well mannered bukusu girls to go marry a super drum ya changaa

Haoni msgs zako. Alikukula block 20 yrs ago

Admin acha kujiongelesha. Giving yourself pats on the back.

Haha… I am a catholic and I don’t see my Irish priest joining the forum. But worry not, fret not there is enough quorum among my real life friends to keep us going. And my friend comes with her own quota and we are good to go. So I am not fishing for members here if that is what you are trying to insinuate.
Hakuna stupid matusi on other Kenyan forums like the ones here. Look around…

Haina shida akiniblock.Bado zinamfikia thru mangwete zinamlamba rasa kama @uwesmake the resident gay Swine.

I know, one of it’s handles once hinted at my profession and I figured that out.

Piece of sh!t thinks I give a furk

True.The admins are very shitty.Thats why I never respond to anything on inbox.

If you ever want to communicate with somebody you are better off giving them your Gmail address in the inbox. That way you can get some confidence of encrypted communication.

Kweli kabsaa.But create a new email address (gmail or any other) that doesnt bear your real names.Your real email probably has your name,so admin akikutumia mail anaona full names.

Duly noted, it beats common sense for someone to create an anonymous forum then snoop into the contents.
It’s the habit of spooks, and analysing the narratives spewed here you can see the intelligence community is actively involved.

Thats just fun and it makes life in this village enjoyable… Kama unazichukulia serious to that extent, utakufa na stress

I have noted…and will act on it.

Not my idea of fun and so I put the IGNORE button to maximum use. It clearly is not a lot of peoples’ cup of tea either. There is banter and there is obsessive trolling. Big difference. Not to worry…our forum will thrive without that ‘fun’. I can tell you that for a free fact.

Si unipatie kazi ya kuunda

She is going to do it. But another Talker is also v interested. Let’s see in the new year. In any case you have already trashed it.

Nipatie kazi ya ku deal na trolls.Our forum will thrive I assure you Madam Finest Wine.

Very true. And IP addresses are gathered. An admin that raids inboxes is an admin that can use the IP addresses for other uses.
Introvert was very clear in his message