forgive me if I speak with pride

Ya kesho iko mikononi mwa Maulana, but until a medical progress is made towards cure and eradication of Cancer cells, kindly do not sell “my cows” trying to foot my bills. The cancer cure is a pure pharacy

1-my Auntie…we spent over 10m in India she died a painful death after the doctors lied to us that she was cancer free

2-Janet Ikua- a media personality who became an inspiration to many, kumbe the doctor knew she wouldn’t make it.

3-Bob Collymore, I remember an interview he did beginning of this year with Jeff, he was so happy that he was finally a cancer survivor, they spent millions to have his bone marrow and blood changed with a clean one…

4- Ken, just the other day they had a party for him…this is after spending how much??

Short story long, if I get diagnosed with cancer, pliz do not sell the little I have trying to postpone an inevitable day, nothing is more painful than leaving your family at an age of 40, but worse is to leave them broke after consumpting to the last coin on medication

My God forgive me if I speak like fool, but I don’t want to leave my family poor, use my medical cover nd let me go in peace.

Ukiona signs. Kufaa tuu.

Niaje wonderfool?

A decade from now Cancer will either be curable or we’ll have eradicated it…

Big Pharma is a powerful cartel.

correction ,…two and a half decades…

your avatar takes me waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back to good saturday mornings:D:D

i kinda agree, but remember, life just doesn’t go. that survival instinct that God put in us all makes you and others do everything to keep you alive.

How will Indians make money if you cure it

Agreed, no need to burn money on medical bills yet life is never in our control.
One thing though, cancer cure is available and it’s not in modern day medicine. It also depends on what stage you’re diagnosed at.

if cure imepatikana usa , approving meds huko takes eons … then we poor third world sh*tholes have to wait for drug AID or price ishuke !

Same thing with big and fancy burials, I always say if I had a chance to know the day I will die, I can assure you that you’ll never find my body. Only a stone you’ll erect as a memory.

Hata mi siezi jisumbua na chemo,just enjoy the few days/months remaining with everyone…

USA has a cancer rate of 50% but one of the lowest death rates from cancer due to EARLY DIAGNOSIS. Kenyans are not dieing from cancer. They’re dieing from late diagnosis. Stage 1 cancer has a very high survival rate. Ken Okoth had stage 4. Srvival rate is 1%

Cancer is painful chief, the meds are needed so that you can at least manage, otherwise if possible people would be asking doctors to finish them before it gets worse

Eat what you grow. The rest wachia maulana.for a tree to fall on you you must be near it

somethings one just hopes usipate, but when life hits a hard rock utafanya nini, you try all you can.
at the end of the day mimi husema pesa hutafutwa, no need not spending what you have - of course some assets are not worth selling like if your family has a house they live in, it would not make sense selling that, or eating too much into the family savings, lakini vitu kama gari, boda, those extra plots, hizo ni fair game - I mean what the point of working if even in death you can not at least try and manage pain, or try save yourself.

It’s painful si cancer pekee yake. Kenyans are dying for non curable disease. Siku hizi I appreciate life coz I don’t know what holds tomorrow. Love more less hate.

Hata Beth Mugo alisema hataki na anakulanga tuu natural foods ndio dawa

Watu warudie traditional food. Nduma, ngwaci,mhogo,yam. Sembe ikuwe ni ya jimbi. Pombe tukuwe twanyua mnazi,busaa na muratina.
GMO iko malisa.