forgive me if I speak with pride

I get it from newspaper reports that Ken asked the doctors to switch of the life support machines. Maybe he knew he was not going to make it and did it to defray costs.

Ata mimi nikipatwa na saratani siendi hospitali kama Bob Marley vile alifanya

Support your guesswork of 50%, because that is not true anywhere

Hii pharacy ndio nini you donkey fooker from Naivasha?
All in all we will all die, I visited the cancer ward late last year, death without chemo treatment is merciful.

I think you are talking about terminal care, what is done in hospices. You get increasing doses of morphine to relieve pain. You normally die withing a very short period because of the increasing dose

Let me tell you this, there will be no cancer cure in the next 100 years. May be there will be no cancer cure at all. What will happen is that better disease management will evolve with time, ensuring people survive for many years.

One example that is already happening in small rich countries is when a child is born, they do genome screening to identify any predisposing mutations. So, you grow up knowing you might develop a certain condition and therefore taking the necessary precautions


Siku hizi afadhali mdudu…lakini shida yetu is we live like pigs and expect kuhepa consequences.

Only sharks don’t get cancer of all vertebrates. Sharks have cartilaginous
skeletons, that is what is thought to protect them from Cancer, they don’t have bone marrow.

But how does

Damu ya shark Ni color gani ?

Their blood is red but sharks, mantra rays don’t have bony calcium based skeletons. They have cartilage skeletons

He borrowed the tip from late Bob Collymore.It is believed he also decided enough was enough

This is silly. If you catch cancer at the early stages, it is entirely curable. You have to have an yearly check up especially if a family member has been diagnosed with it. Coming to a public forum with disinformation is irresponsible.

Keep it real. Kenyans don’t see a doc until they are sick. THAT is the problem! If you are vulnerable (have seen it in your family), see your doc for a full screening at least twice a year. Cancer is curable. It depends on what stage you catch it in.


Dj CK amekataa kufa

Has access to top dollar healthcare

Hata Collymore alikuwa na access kwa io

The cure for cancer is marijuana but Big Pharma are working extremely hard with world governments to ensure it is never legalized.

Nonsense, cure is on the way but it won’t be in the form of pills, or chemos, but a more advanced process.

As they always say, talk is cheap, easier said than done.