flat tummy exercises at home

planks workouts
japanese towel exercise
cobra pose
angry cat pose e.t.c

Spot reduction of fat is only possible by liposuction

The only flat tummy excercises anyone needs is to eat right. Find a calorie calculator on the internet. Figure out how many calories someone of your height, weight and age needs per day. Eat more to add weight and less to reduce weight. Your tummy wil be about the last to shed its weight and among the first to regain the weight. Avoid excess alcohol, especially excess beer.

Calorie calculator, how does that work in .ke, keeping in mind a huge % of foods and beverages don’t have a nutritional fact table ?

Research and estimation. When I needed to lose weight I created one for myself. Shed off 15kgs.

The main function of you abdominal muscles is to support your back while lifting. It goes without saying that, any lifting that involves the movement of the back will surely work your abs.

What was you body fat % when you were 95kg and when you were 85kg ?
Trying to estimate calories in foods is an exercise in futility.

80 Kgs not 85kg. I was not interested in body fat percentage but in BMI. Needed to get it to the range where it should be and aimed for the midpoint of that range. Excercise in futility? Well it worked for me. If you know the calories in 100g of ugali, chapati, rice, beef, pork, sukuma wiki, cabbage, spaghetti, banana, mango etc… you can come up with an estimate of what to eat. You can either do this or call it an excercise in futility and wait for calorific information to be printed on cans and bags. It’s up to you.

Slices itafanya ukate weight

Yeah, and also increasing your metabolism… a little more exertion like choosing manual over conveniencies like lifts, waking up earlier, longer walks, getting on top during sex… etc etc… hehehe

To shed hio 15kg what was your diet routine- a sample

I was eating ~1000 calories less than I needed for the day. Saa diet routine aje? Si I was just eating normal food, but paying attention not to exceed a maximum number of calories based on my weight and expected level of activity of the day. Inataka a lot of research to know how many calories each activity you intend to do will burn, and the ist of foods you normally eat how many calories do they each have.

Best tip I can give you is to avoid sugar and sugary drinks. A lot of the nonesense that people eat especially for breakfast is the worst culprit. I never ever put sugar in any drink I take. No sodas at all. Eat sugary fruits with caution. No biscuits, no mandazi. No ice cream. Switch from Beer to Makali where possible or if you find that hard to do try sugarless beer or the best beer in the world guinness but Makali is your friend if you want weightloss but to still go out. No energy drinks.
Eat a lot of the food that gets you very full without adding much calorie to your diet. Especially greens and vegetables. Just eat the same foods you have been eating but while counting the calorific content and being disciplined. Feeling hungry never killed anyone if you are still getting nutrients. So definitely avoid empty calories, foods that add your calories without giving you any nutritional value.

In my opinion! Losing 15kg without keeping a tub to body fat % is something else all together. There’s a high possibility of one ending up being unhealthy.

Understanding the glycemic index of foods is way much useful, for instance go for whole foods over processed one. For instance, brown sugar, rice, wheat over white of the same. There is nothing wrong in eating a high caloric meal at the beginning of the day, but avoid the same few hours before bed.

Without knowing the statistics of body fat % , I’ll advise anyone reading this post not to take it serious.
Thanks in advance.


Good thing you said in your opinion. The value of your opinion is lower than my body fat percentage. :D:D:D:D

Let no one be lied to by this quack. The fact is simpler than his obfuscation. First I never changed the foods I was eating and as you can see consistently in my answers, I was eating the same foods I had been eating (well except cutting out the extremely bad stuff). So if you are getting the neded nutrients now you will still get them. Also forget his instructions to switch to brown sugar, skip sugar altogether. You get sugar in many other meals, you don’t need table sugar (whether brown or white at all). The only advantage of brown sugar is that it has a TINY TINY TINY amount of nutrients in comparison to white that has zero or close to zero nutrient value. But it is still sugar, so very high calorific content. You take a tiny amount of sugar you must eat less of everything else to keep your calorie count low.

Bottom-line, to lose weight you must use more calories than you take in. End of. Well not exactly end of cause you still need to eat foods high in nutrient value. Which I have said all through.

I am a pro fitness, but I agree with you on good diets of nutritional value and observing calorie intake. I stripped all sorts of sugars from my diet since 2016. I will probably eat a sweet dessert a couple of times a year, or cook donuts twice a year.

I know you disagree with the alcohol bit :D:D:D but I like to keep my advice practical. Watu bado watakunywa tu. I’m aware it’s empty calories.
As for fitness I hope you advertise fitness more in having a more fulfilling, healthier life, and not concentrating on weightloss as many do (cause they know weightloss is the biggest seller). For weightloss fitness is only 20% with diet and lifestyle being 80%. But for a fulfilling life and just greater all round ability, especially for men. Fitness is 100.

Huyu anaongea maneno ya body fat % kwanza atuambie how much he weighs and his body fat %.
We all know BMI as a quick indicator of how healthy an individual is, ama naeza kuwa na BMI ya above 25 but since my body fat % is low i won’t be termed as overweight??

This thing about weight losing,tummy trimming bla bla bla…
There are many varied ways of getting theres.
-Reducing carbs intake
-Intermittent fasting the OMAD Option
-Mix the two above with exercises which break a sweat.
It has worked for some, failed for some,try whatever works for you.
So long as your BMI,BP and sugar levels remain within norm.