Ferocious dogs

I have seen in the news about a watchman who was mauled to death by a pack of 7 dogs. RIP.
There is no painful way to die greater than being torn apart alive by these animals. .
And the best the muhindi boss could do was to say that he will surrender the dogs to KSPCA. …bullshit! He didn’t even care about going for the funeral. Nkt! Haki some employers treat their workers worse than animals.
I remember once as a salesman, I used to be sent to the field and was usually given a motorcycle as a means of transport. One day as I ventured into the upmarket Karen estate, I encountered a pack of 3 dogs. I sensed that they were either irritated by me or by the noise of my bike coz of the way they were looking at me…be calm…beee calm…I told myself as I passed them…The moment I passed…they gave chase, barking ferociously!
I don’t know whether the motorcycle also sensed danger but I remember momentarily looking at the odometer and noticing something like 135kph! I outrun these beasts but where I and my bike paused to catch a breath, I drowned a Tusker, gave the bike some water…then told it,(yes, the bike you twat! ) “Me and you are done!”
I called the office, told them to collect their bike at xyz petrol station…and oh I also told them to take that job and shove it up their a$$holes. I quit!
I rarely ride motorcycles after that horrifying event.


rest in peace@uncle nyam,kumbe ndio sijamuona leo

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Dogs smell fear, they also smell faecal matter well so you shitting your pants was a giveaway…


Hehehe. …didn’t shit on pants but in the process of acceleration. …I may have released some gas.


very painful for tht guy…mhindi for you

very painful for tht guy…mhindi for you

Nilisikia ati the cops shot in the air to scare the dogs (and then threw stones at them). The fuq men, this dogs are tearing a man to death and best you can do is shoot in the air. Blow a bloody mongrels brains out and hopefully the others will learn a lesson, otherwise each of them gets a mbegu in the head.

His dependants need to get a good lawyer asap and sue that muhindi for all he’s worth

Very sad story. And there were signs such a thing would happen because other watchmen complained of being chased by the German shepherds every time they reported to work previously. If it were me napoison hizo dogs halafu niquit that job for good.

kitu ya kwanza to do is put the beasts down then get a good lawyer

When dogs chase your car or bike. it’s mostly because of the ride or car was ‘marked’/ urinated on by another dog. the smell drives the dog crazy.


You outrun them or outrode them? Just wondering.

I think he’s right. Saying he outrode them would imply that the dogs were on motorbikes too. Wouldn’t it?
Fuck english!


hapo uliponea bana sasa inge stall?

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Has any of you ever been bitten by a dog? Niliumwa na mbwa nikiwa kitu 10 years, one of our neighbours had trained his dog to look after his cattle, nikapita karibu na hizo ngombe and thing bit me. Sijawahi sikia uchungu kama hiyo, ya kutairi kando. It deeps the canine and tears away the flesh. After one month nilitafutana nayo and killed it.

So you contracted rabies and killed it? Are you afraid of water hence all the booze? hydrophobia is a symptom of rabies you know!:smiley:

@junkie si unikamulie hii nyang’au iwache pere pere mingi?


Where are the human rights guys now???

I guess this case doesn’t qualify coz hakuna donors to impress

Pengine nianze na wewe kwanza.hiyo kunyi nimeimezea mate sana