Ferocious dogs

I am not going to loose my virginity to you, not in this world.

I dont like dogs , i once killed our dog and burnt it body with the help of our farm worker,my father wasnt very pleased by my actions

Another Dexter Morgan. Have you ever thought of killing something Bigger?



Not to you too.

mahomo wamekuamulia sasa

I see them tailing me. Niko rada.

Would you bet your smelly ass on that???

How this turned into gaysh*t …¿

Yes i have slaughtered several goats imebaki ngombe sasa.

Eeh, I think he means something bigger. A mammal that walks upright, maybe…o_O

I know what he meant am not a psychopathic killer

naskianga hizo doggy zikifika age flani zinafaa kuuliwa otherwise zinatafuna watu


@Electronics4u pia alete yake aki outride hizo doggi


say no more



You wouldn’t believe how fast the pigs would shoot a HUMAN BEING for so much less, but they leave Muhindi hounds to maul a man to death and all they do is fire in the air. Kubabazao.:mad:

Wapi bada lingam.

But the Waindis said that they’ll take care of the funeral arrangements and compensation. I think that’s also humane on their part. Otherwise,if the bosses would have been a Wafula,Otieno or Njoroge,none of them would have given a rat’s @$$. I feel for both the deceased and the Muindi.

tuletee official police statement,siyo hizi hekaya