FCUK Wanderi

Honestly this guy has no manners. How do you do this to us???. We gave a lot of our time and effort to put up interesting blogs/listings on your stupid site. and even without notice, everything just disappeared.
I am Mad at u! even your emails are down!
Anyway the listers can always chat on another forum…like this one.
All I need is to reclaim my listings from your site (hoping that you can read this)…by the time you bring back your malware infested site back, most of us will probably have moved on.

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At least the courtesy of informing people would have been in order…

^^Dont worry dude…Most Listers are currently in the wilderness looking for somewhere else to belong( I have been doing so the last one week and hopefully am good now.

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give Wanderi a break, maybe the guy is incarcerated or may be the worst happened , he kicked the bucket

You know i even sent an email to [email protected] and it bounced. something is wrong.

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and the way i had Favorited the fta listings. anyone who had saved them please email me

@fala: Its sad that we may have lost all the info…we need an alternative, whether K/list comes back up or not. And I think this one can/will work.

@ zarina nimefika leo leo tu, itia mimi lunch
@ Electronics 4 u its really bad that fcuker should have given us a warning

Yaani Electronic amajoin leo na ashawekwa mod?? Application forms ziko wapi niapply

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^^^Hehe. Tulia @Uwes. Utapata soon.

zarina hio skuli nimeenda lunch kwa 5star beach hotel

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congrats Zari, i see you finally made it to mod level

kwani admin ni kawambui?:wink:


makurutu wote wakiwa admin -_-

@highschooler si urudi shule, itabidi tuongee na sossion ndio hii mambo ya mgomo iishe.

Nani ako shule?!! wewe Shinda hapo

I dont think so.

Maybe Wanderi is the Meshack Yebei.


Karibu sana Ndugu