FCUK Wanderi

Klist imehamia huku sasa I see u all mzee fala n the likes

Wanderi must head to icc - (crime) - for mass transfer of humans from their village- Bensouda

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Watu wa nguvi nawaona sana

NOW that Yebei was confirmed not dead, klist is coming soon[ATTACH=full]514[/ATTACH]


nimeingia hii pseudokijiji sai, kunavigate ndio shida…enyewe wanderi alitumess

you’ll get used to it

alikuwa busy na mgomo ya walimu

shiet! we better have all the threads and posting intact when klist is back up.otherwise I forsee mass exodus…movement of village people

Boss: he says on his fb page that he is recreating the site.
There is a very high chance that all the data got lost and recovery must be very expe. Just accept and move on…to this village.


but navigation on this site isnt the best, you can miss out on so many relevant postings simply because there are multiple postings…si kama klist all you need to do is lscroll while you laugh your ass off

Relax: you will get used to it. This is actually much more user friendly compared to k/list.

I suspect all these mods are one and the same person, trying to redirect and keep listers here…good luck…Nipate.com tried that shit too

Actually its not so: there is me, uwesmake, zarina, and old monkey who had same handles on klist…I don’t know admin’s handle on klist but he was a lister too.

@mathundothundo i had the same problem with navigation if you want to see posts in a single list use the “new posts” button at the top, otherwise it’s a free world unaeza anzisha kijiji yako kama unataka.

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mathundothundo is still thinking of something to comment

Ni jambo la huzuni sana kwa Klist kupotea ghafla hivyo.

Maisha ni ngumu kweli…sasa tuko huku

huku ni wapi sasa
Wanderi!!!wake ur ass up