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[SIZE=6]Marriage on rocks: Many women just want a child, not a man

By Peter Muiruri | 20h ago | 8 min read

A number of women want children but do not want to get married.
As a young college girl, Mercy’s* dream was to meet a well-off man, probably in his 30s, settle down and start a family. Her dream was to raise two boys and a girl.

But that was not to be. As she pursued higher education, including a doctorate, her age began to catch up with her. Then she secured a well-paying job that enabled her to buy a home and a car. “These are the things that make women get married, right?” she poses.

Still, Mercy wanted to have children and devised a foolproof plan. She hooked up with a family man who just wanted to have a ‘good time’ without any strings attached. What the man did not know was that all Mercy wanted was getting pregnant.

“I gave birth to his child but he still has no idea that he made me pregnant. I am okay with the way things developed. Why buy a cow if all you want is milk?”

Joyce Mwai, a 34-year entrepreneur is a mother of a 10-year-old boy. She is single and does not plan to get married. Just like Mercy*, she proceeded to campus after high school and secured herself a well-paying job after which she invested on a fashion business.

As she was turning 23, she felt that she needed to get a child but the idea of getting married was not one she would welcome. Clear in her mind on what she wanted in terms of a family, she hooked up with a man she liked and whom she had dated, got pregnant and went on living single…


Single mother chronicles

Future children with abandoment issues, anxiety and emotionally wrecked by single mums acting tough daddies

waende kabisa seed swindlers

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When paid to spread propaganda, the narrator needs to put in effort in making the story relatable and believable. In my opinion, this article is meant to misadvise a good segment of non-thinkers ( People who have a tendency of accepting information without second thought).

Most individuals yearn for stable relationships with suitable candidates, including @TrumanCapote. Again, such articles are meant to disrupt the family unit, and what it represents.

Journalism should be disbanded.

Peter Muiruri ako kazi. Lazima aandike izo hekaya ndio watu wa standard media wamlipe. Hapana amini story za magazeti

Nowadays people who are married, it’s because they impregnated a girl and the girl immediately assumed she is the wife and calling the dude her husband. But reading the article, this is just poor journalism

Concocted stories to run a narrative.

20year old ako poa?

Agreed. And also never let afew isolated cases to pass as gospel .

This is just lazy journalism… And they wonder why newspaper sales are dropping when you are publishing hekaya za jaba.

So this journalist Peter Muiruri goes to hang out at Quiver Lounge and meets 2 post wall singo mathas and has a conversation with them and takes that as a statistic for the entire world

Lazima classic 105 wapate topic YA Monday asubuhi

Phone snatcher niaje.

Most Kenyan women have misplaced priorities. They only want to party and focus on education when they are at the peak SMV. Wakati wameanza kudecline ndio wanaanzaga kujiconsole venye hawataki kuolewa.

Every woman’s natural instinct is to get married and have a family of her own.

Of late so many women are going for advanced education especially PhDs, what is going on?

:smiley: :smiley: elders wamekataa umama

Even in the US, girl empowerment,education,career like female teachers compared in 1972 before feminism or gender equality.They have surpassed boys in college completion and careers, adversely led to fatherless homes,divorce and single motherhood in communities.

The agenda to normalize broken families is in high gear. “If that is what the professional women who are seen as role models are doing then it is the fashionable thing to do”.