fat loss

want to loss excess fat in my tummy…wat can i do…ave tried lemon n honey every morning bt no changes
…need ua help asap

warusha mawe pliiz kujeni haraka …ztansaidia kwa mjengo

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Ati eating honey to loose weight, hata Ruto amelia tena


hot water+honey+lemon every morning…hahaha

Exercise. You cannot lose body fat in selected areas.


nkiexercise am loosing everything…io ndo staki

are you male or female?


When i was in campus there was a group of chics we used to call urembo-squad. They were pretty girls, but when it around the time of Mr & Ms University they would resort to hot water and watermelon for breakfast and lunch, so they lose weight. Tulishinda hivi na mabeste:


i hear this works…cinnamon + honey …first thing in the morning and before bedtime.


pseudo science theory za mama mboga. no dis respect to mama mbogas in the house given that the kaduda phone has internet and everything for 1000.

You are just saying that so that when you get her into bed the honeys will taste like honey!

Exercise=30%, Diet=70%. They must be combined for results. Diet without exercise is like placing the cart before the donkey.

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hear from who? weka picha yake hapa tuone kama ni expert in matters weightloss.


you hear… mbona unaweka vitu hauko sure nazo? nyinyi ndio wale mtu akiulizia “how do i abort?” mnajibu i hear ukikunywa coke cola moto imechemshwa mtoto anatoka

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hahahha…today you are on my case kabisa…ION am doubting if this is the klist missdee.