Esther Passaris in hospital

The Nairobi woman representative is recuperating in India after undergoing an operation to cure spina bifida.

Ameona muoto after kupost hiyo story huko Twitter

Wacha nitembee huko

if I were a policy maker I would feel very embarrassed to post such photos

Lesson to be noted again and again…Kenyan politicians seek medical help OUTSIDE Kenya and educate their kids abroad. Why should we elect most of them back?

Yes, very embarrassed knowing that you never sponsored a bill to improve any state of the art hospital in Kenya. Si hata afadhali these fools waende south Africa? At least pesa ibaki Africa

Screen shots mzito si kila Mtu ako cucumedia.

Ukuom na sklin shot.


Quite saddening

No sympathy for this p.ussy vendor.


Ndizo hizi hapa chini

Kuhana atia wathiomo?

Indeed it is. Kitambo we used to visit them in hospital and invite their nearest kwetu in the Kenyan spirit. Ati to feel closer to home.
Siku hizi hatuendi. Why should I come and see you at Guy’s hospital a walking distance… and I have just sent money to Kenya on World Remit to my suffering relas in Kenya? for basics that the gava should provide… shindwe…ata nimekasirika sana saa hii.

I wish her quick recovery. Vita tutafungua akipona. For now, apone kabisa kwanza.

Nikuseo mno wakwitu.
Watinda ata…

KOT is a rabid place, hundred times worse than ktalk.

The common bonobo just discovered twitter. Siku hizi ni umefffi tu huko

:smiley: ya watu wa “roho ndogo”