erectile dysfunction and the backstory

This is the backstory to my erectile dysfunction problem

Hi elders. I have been having a problem that has been disturbing me for a period of time. In early 2016 I woke up with the following symptoms: frequent hunger, frequent thirst, fatigue and frequent urination. I found it weird so I decided to visit a doctor who after consultation thought that I had diabetes. He then scheduled for some tests but they all came back normal only for a high WBC (White Blood Cells) count signifying an infection. The doctor said it was a viral infection and it would disappear on its own. The urine test showd everything was very much okay. The blood sugar and random sugar tests showed that they were within the normal limits implying I am ok. 1 month down the line, I was getting even worse the urination was very frequent, fatigue had increased, the hunger and thirst had also increased. They conducted more tests that showed I was much okay except for the high WBC. They carried lipid profile tests, ECG test, xray, UEC test which came out normal. The doctor I visited this time round also thought I had diabetes but then changed and came around the same conclusion that I had a viral infection but the problem was that they couldnt identify the specific viral infection. I was referred to a specialist who assured me I will be okay and he prescribed me some drugs. A few months later, the frequent thirst and hunger disappeared but the frequent urination and fatigue remained but its as if the two symptoms went inactive juu hazikuwa zinanisumbua vile zilikuwa zinafanya kitambo.

2016 results attached

In 2017, the two symptoms came back in full force i.e frequent urination and fatigue. If I took a drink I would feel the urge to pee after the next 20 minute something which wasnt normal. I went back to the hospital again and this time round more tests were done. The doctor who I visited that time also thought I had diabetes which I didnt have since the tests showed my blood sugar levels were normal. This time round the doctor suggested more tests such as thyroid test, STI tests including HIV, gonnorhea, chancroid, syphilis etc. All the tests came back -ve. The VDRL test also came back -ve. This doctor also came to the same conclusion that I have a viral infetion and he was vague on the specific virus I was suffering from. I was given drugs and went home. The symptoms went down.

2017 results

In 2018, another problem arose. I noticed I had problem with my erection. It happened that this night my erection wasnt hard as it used to be. I couldnt fathom why. I thought it was a one time thing but it went on for some days. The problem was that my erection was not hard enough for penetration like it used to be. It also happened that I couldnt sustain the erection long enough like before. I visited a doctor again who did some tests and came to the same conclusion I have a viral infection. I just looked at him nikamuuliza boss hizi viral infections mnaongelea ni gani? Huezi test for viruses ujue ni gani? This shit is literary derailing my life. He also came up with some bs conclusion that my ED was due to psychological reasons. Thats the first time I came to learn of erectile dysfunction. I had no idea what it was or if it would happen to me.

2018 results

Due to my ED my girlfriend dumped na hivo ndo nimekuwa single hadi wa leo.

In 2019, I went to another hospital and a few tests were done which showed everything was normal except for the doctor saying I have a viral infection again but he assured me not to be worried since my WBC total count is normal and within the normal specified ranges but the WBC differential count shows a totally different story. My blood pressure is 124/80 (normal), my saturation pulsated oxygen is 95% which is normal. My heart beat rate is 70 beats per min which us within the normal limits of 60-100 beats per min for a normal human being at rest. I am 1.75 metres tall and weight 70kgs. My BMI is 22 which is between the normal limit. It reached a time I lost faith in our medical system. How can I live with an unknown virus in my body for this long.

2019 results

In 2020, I was told to visit a urologist who would handle my case well. The urologist suggested 3 tests but I couldnt afford them coz my insurance could only pay for consultatuon only. It couldnt even pay for drugs. He prescribed me some drugs to help me with my problem. Alfuzosin hydrochloride for my frequent urination and tadalafil (cialis) 10mg for my erection problem. Both drugs didnt seem to help me with my problem. I used to take 10mg of cialsi so I upped it to 20mg which also didnt do anything tangible. I still have a limp dick. I am tempted to take the sildenafil citrate (viagra) but then I hear stories of people dying after taking the drug so I leave it alone.

One thing I have noticed from the results is that they indicate I have neutropenia which clearly I have no idea what it is it also seems I have a chronic infection. Its been 6 years since I had the infection and I still have it till date.

Nani anajua mahali naeza saidika?? Kenyan medical system has left me very messed up.

Wueh, what a detailed post. Pole. Umejaribu tembe for your ED? Viagra, Cialis etc

Labda ucheck estrogen and testosterone levels pale agha khan

venye @johntez addi gaza msafi amesema. Go for a hormone profile test. Zinaweza kua out of range.

In the mean time, Viagra haitakuua. Sai mens wengi sana wangekua wametuacha. Chukua Vega 50.

investigate chronic pelvic pain syndrome aka prostatitis

Pole bro. Hope you are able to diagnose hii shida. Some times it’s not the system but the doctors lacking creativity.

pole mzito wish you/pray for you to get well bro.

Hata jina yako inasema shida iko wapi. Punguza kunyonga bana. Stress zako inachangia. Kitu ikikataa kusmama you move to the next hole.

Go the traditional way. Eat food that will keep the small man up and working. Tuma lijodi western akuletee mukobero. Kula njugu mob, aka njoti, tafuta kukamanga, alafu ensure your diet iko na grains mob.
Consult the herbalists (sio wang’ang’a), they might have a solution to your problem since the modern ways have failed.

Look for this, thank me later.


It is like God answered your prayers individually today

did you get screened for cancer?

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Yes. As I said above in 2020 I went to a urologist and he prescribed 10mg cialis for my ED. It didnt work. I upped the medication to 20mg it still didnt work. I havent tried Viagra. I have heard too many cases involving the drug where people have kicked the bucket using it amd it gives me the jitters. I have also heard of its nasty side effects.

I will try that tomorrow.

Iko safe bro? Naskia side effects zake hazikuangi mchezo.

Doing that tomorrow when I go see the doc.

I hope ntasaidika.

Asanti sana. I am still fighting it.

I will consider that.

What’s this?

No I didnt. The doctors dont see it necessary and i dont show any strong signs relating to cancer. Thats what the doctors told me.

I dont masturbate. Never done it. Siko stressed in any way.

As you search for answers, I would advice you to consult a dietician or nutritionist to guide you on how to implement a super healthy diet (Neolithic diet). That way, if your body is fighting some form of infection as suspected, it will be less stressed. In addition, get into the habit of recording down your daily life activities and how you feel everyday. You might notice a pattern that could give important pointers.

Asanti sana. Thanks for the info.

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Herbal supplement, deer horn. 100Ă— more effective than Viagra or Cialis.

Pole mdau, see other doctors.

Pole sana, despite your normal weight and normal BMI, are you active? If not try working out atleast 3 to 4 times a week.

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I dont work out but I usually walk for 3 hours daily. I dont have a stable source of income so sometimes mi hujipata nikiwa idle and I tend to take long walks to keep my weight in check