erectile dysfunction and the backstory

Pole chief, hope upate cure poa

Try incorporating HIIT workouts in your lifestyle. It’s a game changer. You don’t even need gym. Do YouTube ones they work. Like the days you do HIIT, walk for 2 hours. Coz as it is, that’s too much cardio for you considering ED concerns.

Hizi ziko wapi? Weee. Do you use them?

Talk to this guy.

He is called Dr Wesonga, he will sort you out

+254 721 663790

5k and he will give you a comprehensive profile report

Sawasawa mkuu.

Bado shida iko adi leo?

Yeah bado iko

Pole beby

How old are you?

Tafuta pesa nani. I wouldn’t bother about Ed.

Ahaaa pesa ndio ututomba sisi wanawake

Money is an the best aphrodisiac for men.

You can consider TRT.

In the meanwhile, as you grope with .ke medical shitstem, tafuta swahili dishes near you and ask for supu ya pweza.

wtf is this



-Elevated WBC -

Take atleast 2 more blood glucose tests and thank me later

Bro ulisaidika?

Pole sana kaka. Jaribu herbal maybe it may work miracles

Nimecheki how much they charge at aga Khan to rectify the issue…wueh ni 800k to 1M.

Pole bwana hope you get well. Ningekia wewe naachana na hao morticians in lab coats naenda kajiado ama narok na hukoo natafuta herbal medicine ya wamasai.

Stop poisoning yourself na those Cialis you might do more damage. Btw how old are you coz can’t imagine going so long without a proper bonk , on the other hand a life bila such distractions naeza kua birrionea in no time