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Nimewatch hii video youtube. The house goes for 45 million. Assuming you already have the land, how much would it cost to build such a house in Kiambu or Nairobi county today (just a rough estimate).

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A house consist of cement block, cement, steel and glass. I sell steel and glass, i make more money.

20-25m to build such without compromising on finishing.

Wacheni bangi. 45M for a house on a 50*100 in Kenya? These are the same people who buy a 2 bedroom apartment in Westlands for 15M.

Look, this house shouldn’t cost more than 10M to construct. Wacheni bangi.


Land cost = 18 m
Construction and fittings = 20m
Profit for the developer = 7m
Total = 45m

18M for a 50*100, ujinga iko Kenya ni mingi sana. Ati 20M? Nakwambia 10M max. Developers in Kenya want to make 250% profit.


Then buy 1/2 acre runda @51m ujenge.

I know of a place in Uasin Gishu where 18m will get you 36 acres of land. 50 by 100 :joy:

Or you can but this house on 30x60 in lavington at 95m.

That’s why nimeuliza cost ya kujenga minus the land juu najua land ndiyo imefanya bei ikuwe high ivo. I would rather build that exact house in Kahawa Sukari on 1/4 an acre costing 10M than pay 18M for 50*100 Kiambu Rd.

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This house will cost at most 12m with high end finishes,and why should i build a house on a 50*100 people are mad,go to kerarapon buy 1/4 at 11m and build with 12m thank me later


Hapa kitui kujenga hio mansion haiwezi cost 5 million. Utabaki na balance ya kushika fielder millage 10,000km


Vile motokubwa atasema

That budget is not possible with the posted house hata uijenge next to the quarry. A 5m house is a 4br bungalow with slightly above average finishing

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Every one with a few coins in kitui can build a good house. Make your own bricks and if you live not far from the river, sand Iko kwa wingi. So first phase of construction major cost ni cement and steel.

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I get your point, its bricks that is easily and readily available

Ridiculous and would not pay that. People need to start thinking past Nairobi. 45 million is enough to get you 40 acres of land in a place called Lamuria for 12 million and build you a mansion for 12 million , 3 million for a borehole and irrigation system, 35 acres of an avocado orchard for another 2 million and be left with 15 million and the best part you enjoy Fresh and unpolluted air. You have electricity, tarmac roads and you take care of your orchard for 3 -5 years and make some gooodd money. Or you can just ignore the mansion and build a simple farm house when you visit and also build for farm workers plus a. Pack house .

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Lamuria wapi?? Ama unasema Ngari Ngiro??

divide the price by 50% and you account for taxes. then divide by another 50% and you have a rough estimate of the developer’s markup. that’s the real value of the property. Just not sure how much of the % left is the actual land’s value though

If tha bank was to repossess this house , how much would it sell it, or better, if you were to get a loan from a bank, how much would it be valued at ?