Engineers, kujeni kiasi

Do Kenya hydroelectric power stations store electricity? Ama we use it up as soon as its generated? And is this efficient?

This also goes to all other power plants apart from the diesel ones because atleast you can store the diesel and use it when it gets bad.

Mr tissue paper man, electricity cannot be stored. Ndio maana when we face severe drought power rationing hufanywa.

Pewa two hot slaps kwa kutusumbua mapema hivi na maswali zinaeza jibiwa na Vera Sidika.

Kwani kuna hydroelectric power stations that store, anywhere else on earth?

Alafu to compare hydro to diesel power generation…

The amount of power generated is controlled by a system called demand side management,hii you control the generating capacity as per the power on the demand side,it goes up and down as need be ,this system eliminates the need for expensive batteries to store “electricity”

Power cannot be stored. That’s the reason Green Power will make kenyans poor. If they produce and Kenyans don’t consume, you will still pay for it. Turkana power plant will make electricity cost go up

Support your claim?
Renewable energy is good because it will reduce the cost of production of electricity. The only problem is it’s integration into the national grid. Either Kenyans use the line as a stand-alone or they integrate it to the grid.

Hujatembea Kiambere uone hizo huge huge batteries zinatoshana na grain silos ziko hapo? Hata wakizima generators saa hii tutaenda miaka tatu tukitumia umeme tu.

I don’t want to express the sadness I feel that this question is from a university-trained Kenyan…[/SIZE]

in as much as the question sounds stupid, there is no harm in asking. Hakunanga intelligent and stupid questions. University does not train people in everything. Ama mtu anafanya Medicine university na alidrop Physics high school atafundishwa about Electricity at which point?

Kuuliza sio ujinga, we need to encourage people to ask questions instead of putting them down, that’s the only way people learn and grow.

It’s very expensive to store electric power… once generated.

it was commissioned by Uhuru less than 72 hours ago. check the figures for yourself in 5 months.

What do batteries store? And yes I have a Baba Alunituma.

Mamalls, Alternate current AC can’t be stored, but direct current DC can be store…

This village is full of idiots

True story

I have been doing some research and other countries store thier energy somewhat…

Thats why i asked kama in kenya we do the same

The power to read…or maybe it is a meaningless ritual before we go eat cake with relatives…

You can store power to use during high peak demand. Tesla imedeploy a massive grid of batteries huko Australia that supplies a significant amount of power and has completely eliminated outages…

Thats what i am asking, does the power generating company store power in any form or way?