Engineers, kujeni kiasi

Uhuru can’t store power in state house, that’s why he transfers power to arap mashamba, when he’s out of the country…

The huge dams are the stores

Thay can if they convert the AC to DC, but they will have to convert it back to AC to supply it to their consumers, and that’s an expensive process

I have been reading about different techiques,/technologies that other countries use and i was very specific about Kenya and how we manage ours because there is very little information out there

Wa - maTissue @The.Black.Templar ako sawa tu, kuuliza sio ujinga except for @wonderful wonder. Electricity can be converted to other forms of energy which can be stored and used on demand later after reconverting.

Green energy is easier to control ,you just switch off the wind turbines on a demand basis,Ile tricky but nuclear power ,you have to produce a certain minimum amount electricity/ output so that the nuclear reactors don’t melt down ,Kenya hakuna such " will power" .

You cannot read everything. Wewe saa hizi nikikuuliza:

Under what circumstances do you use NOSQL instead of relational databases, utajibu?


A numeric array of length N is given. We need to design a function that finds all positive numbers in the array that have their opposites in it as well. Describe approaches for solving the optimal worst-case and optimal average-case performance, respectively.

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Huyu @gashwin sijui mbona hata mulimupea hio fillage chief

Nitaambia Admin aichukue akupatie.

Lakini wewe pia ni ngombe. Msito Okiya was offering you a job lakini ukamjibu vibaya

:D:D:D:D:D…apana chapa Sana huyu musee,4 estate aren’t known for their wits

@Deorro I have huge respect for Msito @Okiya. I don’t know what his communique was about. But if it was a job, I cannot take it because my plate is already full. But this underscores the demand that exists for reliable programmers, statisticians and data scientists. There’s nothing difficult in learning these skills and I believe at least 40% of talkers could make a career out of these disciplines. But they ought to concentrate, be willing to learn and develop discipline. Which brings me to the reason I didn’t respond to Msito Okiya. I do not intend to make any connections on this forum because it can be a time sink. So I don’t read notifications, and I don’t check my inbox. I don’t have WhatsApp or Instagram on my phone either just LinkedIn and Facebook. Both of which I rarely use. I simply want to visit this forum when I am bored, trade a few barbs, castigate a few talkers, laugh a bit and get back to work. You are a programmer yourself so you should understand my reasoning.

That’s what our physics teacher taught us but I think technology has improved a bit

Acha kusumbua. Electricity will never ever be stored, this is basic physics that will never change ata technology ikuwe advanced aje.


yaani umekaa hivi ukafikiria kuna betri kenya power hutumia?

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Nyinyi watu mnaongea aje, maybe i should have used the word power and not electricity and i have read a few ways other countries store their power. You have to think outside the box

How do they?