Eliud Kipchoge

A lot of hype and media attention is just piling too much pressure on this guy. He is just attempting a record and knowing marathon, you can get there and after 10 KMs mwili ikatae you pull out. Now even Mpesa has changed their logo in anticipation! Mara he has been picked up by a private jet bla bla.
How I wish he just trained quietly and pulled a surprise when he clocks sub 2 hours in Vienna on Saturday. Kenenisa Bekele did exactly that last weekend… Came in quietly, I mean, we know him from the 10,000m days and he has run a couple of marathons after that but we didn’t expect him to miss the World Marathon Record by 2 seconds! Now that would have been something had he smashed the record.

He is getting the mullah, whether he breaks the barrier or not.
So, what the heck. Let him try.

athletes thrive on pressure so relax

SYK, It’s not his idea, analipwa ajaribu.

YouTube ni free io siku

What pressure?.. the mental strength of an athlete of his stature is top notch. Wewe ndiye unahaha bure…yeye ako sawa.

What’s the reward after all these men, kwanza akibreak record yake?

Mo money than all of us, gari mupya, private jet travels

Ghassia be patriotic and support our son .

I can assure you kipchoge will clock 1:55 .

The companies involved want the hype so whether he makes it or not everyone gets something.

100 million kshs before endorsements za Nike , Rolls Royce , EA sports zianze . kijana atakuwa worth a billion akivunja hio record .

Hawesmake! Acha nikuwe hater!!!

Yaani mpaka natgeo wametoa doc , akivunja marvel comics watoe movie

Wewe Ni mafi ghassia

It’s not about him but the blitz generated about the event. The monies generated will be huge like in other huge sporting events

In 2017, he was 25 seconds close. It’s possible men

angefanyia pale new york ikuwe pay per view alipwe kama May Weather

Atavunja rekodi

:smiley: upussss tumetafuta best weather conditions . sio ujinga ya kupeleka athletics kwa desert Doha