Eliud Kipchoge

Tulia kama huna talent nanii, hio negative energy pelekea KenGen tupate stima

Akifikisha hio threshold unitumie paybill no. Uncle

Hawa wenzetu hawajui loyalty ni nini.

Hii ni ya zamani. The first attempt, sponsored by Nike, called Breaking 2.

Kipchoge smashed Kimetto’s world record by a WHOPPING 1 MINUTE AND 18 SECONDS! That was something. And he did it practically alone, the pacemakers all dropped off before their scheduled points, they just couldn’t keep up with him.
The Ethiopians have always trained quietly, even secretly, more so after claiming injury and going into semi retirement.
Bekele specifically went to Berlin to chase Kipchoge’s world record and was assisted throughout by pacers marking the standard set by Eliud, the GOAT.
Saturday’s attempt, even if successful, will not be recognized as a world record, same as Eliud’s 2:00.25 at Monza, Italy, since the project does not meet the IAAF criteria for world records. It is but a historical event.